What is the Social Club App?

The Social Club App was first launched in July 2019 and amassed an impressive 455,000 downloads across both iOS and Android.

Mean-while, the app aims at offering cannabis-related content and serve marijuana-related content.

The social club app is a new kind of voice-based social media that allows people worldwide to talk.

It is a new social network based solely on live conversations that is experiencing tremendous success—Discovery of Clubhouse.

 Features of Social Club App

  • The social club app is an audio-only social media app —no photos or videos, like on Instagram or TikTok, but only and exclusively audio. Indeed, simply and solely rumors, to be precise.
  • In practice, inside, there are “rooms” in which two or more people talk about a topic.
  • If the room is open, you can come in and listen, raise your hand (virtually), and, if you are accepted, participate with your opinion.
  • Otherwise, you can open your room with someone and decide on the topic you want to discuss.
  • Develop ideas, deepen friendships and meet new interesting people around the world.”
  • You can go in and out of different rooms, covering various topics. Some have compared it to a live interactive podcast. You can listen or choose to share your thoughts.
  • There cannot be any camera and users in the face, which means you don’t have to worry about eye contact, what you’re wearing or where you are.
  • You can choose rooms where you speak your language or go inside to hear what to say in the world.

Social Club App

How Does Clubhouse Work?

“When you open the social club app, you may see rooms full of people talking, all open so you can go in and out, exploring different conversations.

You enter each room as a member of the audience, but if you want to speak, raise your hand, and the speakers can choose to invite you up.

“Or you can create your room. It’s a place to meet up with friends and new people worldwide, tell stories, ask questions, discuss, learn, and have impromptu conversations on thousands of different topics. ”

Social Club, a ‘Censorship Free’ Instagram Clone for Pot, Gets Booted from the App Store

Social Club App

Apple has removed an app called Social Club from the App Store.

The app was initially meant to be a platform with zero censorship and soon transformed into a place where people posed with drugs and openly posted racist content.

Interestingly the app is still live on Google Play.

The Social Club was first launched in July 2019 and amassed an impressive 455,000 downloads across both iOS and Android.

Temporarily, the app aimed at offering cannabis-related content and serve marijuana-related content.

Larger social media platforms like Instagram ban such ads, and Social Club slowly became a hub for cannabis content.

Joshua Otten, co-founder of the cannabis lifestyle brand PRØHBTD and rapper Berner, owns the app.

In August, they had announced a plan for Social Club TV, an OTT cannabis network that airs shows like Marijuana Mania and HighTech.

Berner was defensive and believed that the app was under attack.

I feel like we were attacked, I don’t see how overnight the app completely changed, sad, scary, and wack—cleaning it up now. -Berner.

An application Based on Live Conversations

Let’s already explain the principle of this application, the code of which goes against the majority of current social networks on Club house, Posts, Photos, Videos, Hashtags.

Neither written nor visual. Just audio! And not podcast, live.

The user walks through the discussion rooms, limited to 5,000 people simultaneously, and can listen to conversations on his interest themes—a sort of oral meet-up or radio debate 2.0 in short.

To participate, ask the moderator.

Controversies Despite Everything

This “vocal Linkedin” suggests a few questions. On the one hand, how to do moderation on an audio, social network, in other words, without keywords or visuals?

Especially when it comes to living chats, it is impossible to record or repeat.

It is the source of a feeling of “fear of missing out” (FOMO), the fear of missing something important, generated by Clubhouse.

Viral Communication

Another bizarre feature of the application is currently only available to people with an iPhone or iPad. The Android version has not yet been released.

Even with a device flanked by an apple on the back, it is impossible to access it spontaneously! You have to be sponsored.

Each user has two invitations to share with those around them. What, of course, arouse envy. And generate that slight sense of private club elitism.

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