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Ingramer – Are you interested in using Ingramer? Have you recently used Ingramer, or do you want to try it? Ingramer is an Instagram Growth Service that uses automation on your normal process to save time and develop your account.

In recent years, Instagram has transformed from a photo-sharing social media site to a lucrative business platform. Brands of the same size have established their own Instagram pages where IG content is shared with fans and followers daily, an excellent approach for growth and evolution.
Taking advantage of Instagram can be tricky, especially for busy entrepreneurs or those lacking experience. Several software and tool kits have also emerged recently to enable companies to obtain maximum returns for their investments on this website.
Toolkit, which is just like Ingramer.<pgfscope Rebranded recently as Inflact, however still operating using the Ingramer moniker for now, Ingramer is a multipurpose toolkit that provides Instagram promotional services that would assist one to increase follower numbers on Instagram and build their brand online.

Ingramer is divided into three main modules:

  • Promo,
  • Direct, and
  • Scheduled Posting.

The Promo module is about getting more people to read and share your posts. On the other hand, the Direct module prioritizes streamlining and arranging your DM to make more use of such customer interactions. Lastly, the posting module aims to automate your scheduled posts to save time and keep your accounts organized.
These modules are also accompanied by other features for saving stories and generating hashtags, allowing people to create tailored price plans and get value from each day on Instagram.

How Does Ingramer Work?

Ingramer (1)
To log into IGrammer, go to the homepage of the Ingramer site and create a personal account for you to be able to take advantage of IGrammer’s many options. You can choose one of the preset payment plans or create your tailor-made plan.
However, when using Ingramer, getting a good VPN up and running is advisable. Doing so will also keep your account safe from risks arising due to using Insta bots service on Instagram. Luckily, every scheme on which Ingramer offers to pay has a good and secure VPN, so activate it and move further.”
The first step in using Ingramer’s Promo module starts directly from there. It is perhaps the most critical aspect of Ingrammer services; it deals with follower acquisition and account growth, which customers may require more than any other service offered by Ingrammer.
It involves scanning through the follower lists of accounts in competition or of such use who target the same audience as yours and then directing your artificial intelligent promotion robot to these audiences. Besides, with suitable filters, you can target specific hashtags to achieve the best followers in your account.
Well, that is not everything you can do with Ingramer. In addition, the same Direct module will allow you to send automatic direct messages to individual followers or broadcast a message to all of your followers.
After that, we have the Posting module, which entails auto-scheduling and organizing your posting schedule. It enables one to plan for the development posts easily, saving time as posts are directly posted immediately without trouble.

How helpful is Ingramer, and what does it contribute to its customers?

Ingramer (2)

There are three main modules related to this application: Promo, Direct, and Posting. The software has separate objectives for each module and comes packed with excellent extra tools. Quickly look at the principal items below.

Point new Promo

As its name suggests, the Promo part focuses more on promoting goods. It exploits a tailored-programmed Instagram follower bot, which scans rival follower lists and targets specific hashtags to generate an appropriate audience base for the account’s growth. Secondly, with a VPN that enables it to be used, the bot is highly safe and very complex; it has different filters, which you can adjust to get the specific followers you need.

Point new Direct

Finally, the Direct tab has everything to do with Instagram DMs or direct messages. In this tab, you can automatically send direct messages to new people who follow your Instagram account by simply typing something as “hello” or even mass messages for every user in your followers list directly in your timeline. You can even have pre-written responses to specific questions or trigger phrases that get automatically typed up for you without you having to input separate messages one at a time.

Point new Posting

The post module of Ingramer comes next. Post-planning and automation is the last aspect of the service. Preparing for and scheduling every Instagram posting could take a lot of time away from you in one day. However, Ingramer wants to turn it around and provides a poster automation service that allows you to create automatic posts into up to ten accounts.

Point new Tools

The third and most significant feature of Ingramer is the “Tools” section. Here, you will find various tools, including the hashtag generator, which will create the best hashtags for your post, or the font tool that enables users to have unique and classy fonts to put into their IG bios.

Who Should Use Ingramer?

Therefore, what is Ingramer aimed at? Is the software appropriate for smaller brands compared to established and large brands like Starbucks? So, let us look at the type of people or organizations that can enjoy using Ingramer.

Point new Independent Freelancers.

You could utilize social media whereby, as an independent freelancer, you spread the word regarding the services offered. It will be straightforward to increase the size of your account and achieve many followers at once using Ingramer.

Point new Startups

Ingramer is an excellent tool that may help those starting up a new business and want to achieve results immediately in their social networks. It allows fast-starting a fresh account with an expanding followers pool and time-saving auto tool.

Point new Small Businesses.

Regarding small businesses that need to keep growing, Ingramer is your best bet. It increases your following fast yet does not involve much money or time input.

Point new Mid-Size Companies.

Ingramer even brings benefits to developed mid-brands. Do not spend too many hours and minutes creating the posts or replying to comments. With these services, the Ingramer tools will do a better job for you.

Ingramer Tools for Business

Additionally, Ingramer has several other useful tools, such as a hashtag generator and a profile analyzer for business users to try out. Some of them include tools and their uses.

Point new Hashtag Generator.

Use Ingramer’s AI hashtag generator if you’re sick and tired of looking for the best hashtags to make your posts successful. Just input a keyword, URL/photo, and wait for the magic to be done.

Point new Profile Analyzer.

The profile analyzer for Instagram is available in Ingramer’s inflact. Hence, you can analyze any Instagram profile without any restriction. It would be best to key in the user name; then, the analyzer will give you details about that person in less than half a minute.

Point new Instagram Downloader.

You might have different motives for retrieving some data from Instagram, and that is what you can use Ingramer’s free downloader for. The downloader works for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc; it enables one to save the desired content and videos from Instagram.


Ingramer is one of the top tools around. It has a vast range of features, along with free tools like the popular hashtag generator, assisting to make it one of the most inclusive toolkits on the market. It’s not a wrong value, and the customer support is excellent. So, if you want to develop your Instagram account and systematize your posting schedule to save time, Ingramer or Inflact are great ways to get started.

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