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Nissan 350z for sale – Nissan’s Cars In India [2023]

Nissan 350z for sale – Nissan’s Cars In India [2023]

Nissan 350z for sale – Nissan’s Most Popular Vehicles











Used Nissan 350Z

Are you thinking of buying a used sports car? AutoUncle collected 29 used Nissan 350Zs for sale in Italy, with each ad coming from an online transfer window or a dealer’s website. 4 main factors regulate the price of a used car: year, mileage, condition, and equipment. The cheapest Nissan 350Z could cost around 13,900 euros, but the model costs approximately 30,000 euros more. The Nissan 350Z outperforms similar cars in fuel efficiency

The Nissan 350Z Petrol runs an average of 12km per litre on Petrol. By comparison, a regular sports car runs 8km per litre.

As you can see in the list below, the latest generation of the Nissan 350Z is only available on fossil fuels. However, more and more brands have set ambitious goals to increase their electric car selection, so you will most likely find the Nissan 350Z in an electric model within a few years.

Nissan 350Z available on AutoUncle by fuel type:

Petrol: 28 cars – average price € 21,985

LPG: 1 car – average price € 9,500

The Coupe body type is a common choice for the Nissan 350Z

The Coupe is the most popular of the various body types on the Nissan 350Z. As a body type, the Coupe prioritizes style and sporty driving. This body type usually has a narrower, sturdier frame than a sedan or SUV, and the model is suitable for people without children and others who travel light. Coupe models tend to be more expensive than sedan models.

Black is the Best-selling Colour

The latest model of the Nissan 350Z is available in 6 colours: Black, Silver, Gray, Blue, Red, and White.

Most people prefer the Nissan 350Z in Black, and right now, five cars can remain found in that colour. The second most general colour is Silver with five cars available, while the third most popular colour is Gray with three cars for sale in Italy.

A popular alternative to the Audi TT is the Nissan 350Z

The bestselling sports car remains the Audi TT. There are 1,109 of these cars in Italy with an average price of € 34,950. Number 2 is the BMW 420 with 1,086 vehicles for sale, and the Fiat Croma is the third most popular car with 830 cars for sale.


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