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Windows 12 – Installation, updates & Release Date [2023]
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Windows 12 – Installation, updates & Release Date [2023]

What is Windows 12?

Windows 12 is nothing more than a Linux distribution based on Lite 4.8 LTS, designed to look like Windows 10 through windows, background, icons, and much more, but still based on the penguin.

Windows 12 Lite is on sale at the cost of 20 euros in a local shop belonging to its “creator,” who unveiled the operating system in a post on Reddit.

The software comes with coarse documentation that you can see in the photo above, which points out the “Without updates, you work better.”

According to the author, it seems that Windows 12 Lite is three (3) times faster than Windows 10 and starts up in just 15 seconds.

The developer’s goal is to offer a valid alternative to Windows 10, which does not have updates that can compromise its stability or security.

Start and use, and is free from viruses, malware, and other threats. But it is still based on Linux.

Strategies of Microsoft about the operating system

  • The decent thing is that there are still new versions of Windows, but not like you think.
  • What Microsoft plans to do is take a benchmark from Apple’s approach.
  • Like how Apple doesn’t release new, separate numbered versions of iOS, they release necessary updates in their existing operating system with new and advanced features.
  • Likewise, Microsoft will also do something like this instead of releasing new numbered versions of Windows OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, etc.
  • They, too, proceed with Windows 10, where Microsoft will be releasing significant updates to their existing Windows 10 itself twice a year.
  • That will include security updates, improved performance, improved features, and other significant advancements.
  • You can assume that Microsoft will not shut down Windows OS; they will change the operating system.
  • Besides, there will no longer be subsequent numbered versions of the Windows OS family.

System requirements for Windows 12

Now that we know the facts about the Windows 12 operating system, we have to point out the system requirements that would be needed for Windows 10 updates.

With every innovative update, there is a new requirement without which you will not be accessing the updates.

Here are the basic requirements you can expect from future Windows 10 updates.

  1. 1GHz or SOC processor or other faster processor
  2. Storage 16 GB for 32 bits and 20 GB for 64 bits
  3. Ram 1 GB for 32 bits and 2 GB for 64 bits
  4. Graphics Microsoft DirectX 9 or WDDM 1.0 driver
  5. Screen resolution 800 x 600 and above

For the rest of the requirements, you will need to until Microsoft itself makes no announcements.

Microsoft Windows 12 installation and updates

  • Microsoft is explicitly highlighting enhancements designed to improve overall Windows 12 performance.
  • Another area to optimize was power. With this version, Windows 12 will get more than one battery charge.
  • Microsoft does not provide a date for the release of this update, but its name leaves no doubt. It will arrive next month and will be installed as a regular update.
  • The simplicity will be such that you won’t even have to restart Windows 12. Windows 12 is here!
  • Surrounded by expectations, the new version of the Microsoft operating system is already in full swing.
  • As part of a new business strategy, Windows 12 is being offered free to anyone using Windows 7 or Windows 10, even if you have a pirated copy of the operating system.
  • So, if the new Windows hasn’t arrived yet, it’s only a matter of time before you can do it – you can force the installation of Windows 12,
  • Could you find out how to do it here? However, directly updating the operating system you already have on your machine can lead to choking.
  • It can happen for a few reasons, such as problems overwriting new system files. Another complication can arise from the remains of the now unnecessary version files.
  • Anyway, for all of this and more, you might want to do a “clean install” of Windows 12.
  • So, learn how to use Windows 7 or 10 and even if Windows 12 Preview is installed on your machine.

Microsoft Windows 12 installation and updates

Windows 12 Release Date

  • The final verdict clarifies that there is now Windows 12 update; expect Microsoft to announce the release date to ring wrong.
  • Dozens of internet sources show its release date, functionality, specs, etc.
  • You can assess that Microsoft has launched the new concept to release new Windows 10 updates now and then.
  • It commonly happens a few times a year; what Microsoft plans for the future is to release two major updates once a year.
  • It means that there is no actual release date for Windows 12.

Will Windows be a free update?

  • Yes, Windows 12 will be a free update for all Windows 10 and Windows 11 users.

Will, there be Windows 12

  • No. According to Microsoft, Windows 10 is the final version of the Windows operating system and will release no further updates.


  • Yes, Microsoft will continue with its Windows operating system, but there is a catch to that.
  • Windows users will get major updates in their current Windows 10;
  • It will happen; you may have come across this concept before. Could you remember, ok, let me tell you this is what Apple does?
  • From now on, with regular updates in its existing iOS, and yes, it is also true that this same idea inspires Microsoft.
  • It was all about the operating system.

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