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Atoms shoes – A new level of comfort [2023]

Atoms shoes – A new level of comfort [2023]

Atoms shoes

Atoms shoes come in adjustable sizes every quarter, and you can purchase different sizes for your left and right foot.

He is known for elegant and minimalist designs.

Atoms is a New York-based startup that produces everyday sneakers for men and women, in the wrong size and two sizes. You read that right.

Shoe brands are increasingly working on 3D scans, apps, and other technologies to help customers find the right fit.

Atoms came up with a simple and inexpensive solution: expand the size options by providing a quarter size.

These intelligent designs have attracted media attention and investors’ interest, many of whom have come to the company as customers.

Atoms are featured in Forbes, Esquire, Vogue, British GQ, TechCrunch, and Bloomberg, all of which hailed the startup for solving one of the biggest shoe buying problems.

He was finding the right fit. Atoms are also increasingly present on social media, with 19.5,000 followers on Instagram.

Where are Atom shoes made?

  • Atoms were founded by husband and wife Waqas Ali and Sidra Qasim in San Francisco.
  • In 2012, they started their first foot-wear company Markhor (originally Hometown), in Pakistan while working with artisans in their Hometown of Okara, Pakistan.

How much are Atoms shoes?

  • At $ 179, the Atoms are more expensive than the Nike Lifestyle at $ 100 or Allbirds at $ 79.
  • But the basketball shoe giant sells in half sizes, while Allbirds only offers full sizes that perfectly fit some.
    The suitable quarter atoms for each foot ensure that they feel adapted to your body.

How do Atoms shoes fit?

  • My feet are size 9. I am more confident about this than most other things because I have been 9 since I was 13.
  • My feet took off from anything else on my body, leaving me with what would someday belong to a five-foot woman on the frame, a much shorter interpolation.
  • The visual impact of being one-sided and heavy on the ground, similar to some puppies or clowns you may have encountered in your life.
  • I haven’t strayed from that size for the next 13 years, although half the size up or down fits me better than a 9 if the brand size is original (I guess).
  • But when I order something online, I feel safe by ticking the size 9 box without thinking twice.
  • The email I received advised me to choose sizes 8.75, 9, and 9.25 based on my answers to the quiz.
  • But when I got my three pairs, it occurred to me that some things aren’t a problem until you know they are.
  • Each pair was fine when I tried them on – if I had been introduced to one of these and said it was a size 9; I would have accepted it without a doubt. As it was, I tried on all the shoes and tortured myself.
  • Not because of how they felt, but because I thought about each of the six shoes, I tried to see exactly how well they fit and if they were better than the last pair, and indeed every pair of shoes I had ever worn my entire life.

Are Atoms shoes comfortable?

  • Atoms’ soles are softer and more elastic than any other shoe I’ve worn. That is, my feet seemed to droop while I was still, but I felt pushed as I walked.
  • It took me a while to get used to it, but when I did, which took about an hour or so, it was heavenly to wear them.
  • They also had no break-in times, so no hot spots or other comfort problems right from the start.
  • Whether they’re more comfortable than a pair of Allbirds trainers is a matter of preference: I’d say Allbird’s soles are firmer.
  • The upper is softer, but the Atom is more comfortable than Stan Smith, Supergas, and Converse.
  • The thin mesh upper made my feet feel light and airy all day.
  • Tying elastic laces is funky at first – they are challenging to get into position as they have more stretch than standard laces – and I had to retie them once or twice.
  • However, it may have been a user error as it can be a loose shoe step. They also stayed tied almost every time I put them on, which I can’t say is the case with all of my sneakers.
  • Again, the release issues could have been my fault.

Are Atoms shoes comfortable

A new level of comfort

  • The Atoms midsole is our patented foam that offers exceptional cushioning and responds to every movement of your feet.
  • As your feet change throughout the day, the midsole foam adapts to these changes.
  • The midsole further has non-slip rubber outsole, which keeps Atoms light, durable and comfortable.

Great Bang of Atom Shoe founder

  • Married couple Waqas Ali and Sidra Qasim founded their first Markhor shoe company in 2012 in Okara, Pakistan.
  • They criticized the market with one of the best qualities an entrepreneur can find: curiosity.
  • Instead of making up preconceptions, they traveled the world in search of how people wear shoes.
  • “You might think, ‘Oh, in Italy, everyone is wearing leather shoes,’ but the young people were all wearing sneakers,” Waqas recalls.
  • After launching a Kickstarter, Ali arrived in Silicon Valley in 2015 to go through the prestigious startup accelerator Y Combinator. There they did more customer research and product design.
  • Comfort and style were critical factors in most athletic shoe purchases.
  • Therefore, the couple wanted to differentiate themselves here.
  • They found that over 70% of people have at least a quarter-size difference in their two feet and more than 7% have a half-size difference.

Why don’t other shoe companies offer square sizes?

  • “They make a million pairs of different shoes,” Waqas says.
  • 35% of customers already take two different sizes. That breakthrough brought in $ 560,000 in seed capital from Aatif Awan and Shrug Capital, LinkedIn’s former head of growth.
  • But Atoms is determined not to be called the Silicon Valley shoe. Instead of programmers, the company wants creatives like painters and graphic designers to come together soon.
  • The vision is to create a sneaker that a chef can wear in the kitchen all night without getting hurt but that looks stylish enough to step into the chic dining room with confidence.

Best technology for shoe lasting

  • Atom MB has produced shoe-lasting types of machinery for more than sixty years.
  • The company combines exceptional versatility, satisfying the changing needs of production and the market, with traditional high-quality foot-wear lasting.
  • Innovation and custom come together in a perfect combination that respects the quality required by traditional foot-wear.
  • It has the latest technology that simplifies the shoe’s operations.
  • It uses low-consumption motors with “start & stops” functionality and advanced touch screen management systems to control movements.
  • These are the flagship features of Atom MB machines, at the service of the most modern shoe factories.

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