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Marketing on Social Media: Crafting Engaging Content [2023]
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Marketing on Social Media: Crafting Engaging Content [2023]

Marketing on Social Media – Every year social media expands, adding new platforms and maximizing sales to successfully target clientele. With over 302 million social media users in the United States alone, it is essential for your sales team to know how to correctly utilize social media to get the best CPG sales results possible.

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

The major advantage of social media is that it’s affordable and easy to use. You do not have to set aside a large budget for social media; you just need to create content that engages your customers and steers their attention toward your business.

Customers expect businesses to update their social media accounts regularly. Active social media accounts allow you to get to know your customers to better target their needs and discover their consumer interests.

How to Make Your Business Stick Out

As more customers shift to online shopping for their goods and necessities, you may be wondering how you can make your business stand out from the competition.

With these tips, you can learn how to best target your customers to create a lasting impression.

What Is Your Business’ Unique Value

The social media world is competitive and fierce. Many companies are trying to sell their products, competing with many others for the eyes of potential customers. To stand out from the crowd, you must determine your competitive advantage. Ask yourself what makes your business unique. Once you are able to identify unique values about your business, you can use them to target a customer base.

Engage With Your Customers

Social media gives you an insight into the lives of your customers. You can see what content they engage most with and what seems to drive their attention the best. Pay attention to these statistics, for they provide you with all the answers you need to better get to know the lives of your customers.

In addition, always remember to react to customer comments or questions. Interaction builds trust and brand loyalty so that they will want to return to your page.

Establish Authenticity

Every business has a story. Telling your story helps your customers relate to you on a more personal level. This can help customers see your business more candidly and help them gain trust in your brand.

Use More Than One Social Media Platform

You may think that having one social media platform is plenty, but the more you have, the greater your audience will be. Not only do different generations of people spend more time on different platforms, but users also engage with content in different ways depending on what platform they are using.

Try engaging with several social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook, and try to tailor your content to the individual needs of the users of each platform.

RIVIR Can Help Grow Your Business

If you are looking to grow your CPG business and connect with those in your industry, it is important to build positive relationships with your consumers and your manufacturers and vendors. With the RIVIR CPG platform, you can build your vendor relationships through a single comprehensive online platform. Contact us now to learn how.

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