What exactly is a tablet?

A Tablet is a large device, with approximately 7 to 12 inches of the screen (20 to 35 centimeters diagonal), making Internet browsing on the go more comfortable and visible.

A tablet is nothing more than an alternative to navigation by phone; therefore, it is simply a smartphone, even if it is very bulky.

They exist for all budgets, but most cost less than many high-end phones.

Mainly surf the Internet, download applications, play games, read emails, books, and newspapers without necessarily
using a computer or smartphone, which often has a tiny screen.

The Tablet also has a generally better battery than the average smartphone; even using the Tablet consumes less battery than the smartphone.

It will stay in your pocket, on standby, with minimal consumption.

Functions like a phone

  • Some tablets also let you function like phones, but that’s not something you should take for granted.
  • If you have this need, look for a product with a microphone, speaker, and SIM card.
  • The Sim card allows you to surf the Internet without being connected to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Therefore, a Sim card is essential to surf the Internet on the move thanks to the various operators’ cellular
    networks: Tim, Vodafone, Wind, and H3G (said 3).
  • As an alternative to the sim card, it is possible to use the phone’s Hot Spot function, consuming the Giga of our mobile offer to surf on two devices simultaneously.
  • A Wi-Fi tablet only costs less than its “brother” with a Sim card used in Wi-Fi and on the mobile network.
  • Initially, the Tablet didn’t take much, and it seemed too much of a niche for a few tech enthusiasts to constantly for the latest news.
  • Indeed, sales started slowly, but subsequently, the product improved to better understood by the market.
  • More and more people realized that it was much easier to use than a computer.
  • And this simplicity led many users who had never or hardly ever used a PC but felt the need to surf the web.

What can you do with a Tablet?

  • You can do a lot of things with a tablet where you may find uncomfortable with your phone.
  • You can watch a movie in bed, use apps better because the larger screen allows you greater visibility, and the same goes for games.
  • And also, You can download everything from the stores that you will find on the Tablet.
  • In this case, the difficulties are zero: access the store, select the app you want, download it and start using it.
  • You can use the Internet, read email, or go to Facebook without any complications and with a big screen.
  • As a result, fewer and fewer laptops and tablets remained sold, representing a significant market share.
  • The primary use of an Android tablet or an iPad is effortless. It has led the elderly to approach the technology as well, much more than one can imagine, but dozens of other use cases are the purchase data show.
  • In the last period, tablet sales have started to stabilize, also thanks to increasingly larger smartphones.

What can you do with a Tablet

Ten (10) reasons to buy a tablet

  • Some argue that the Tablet is a simple habit. On the other hand, tablets share the defects of a smartphone with those of a laptop.
  • Still, others are not even aware of the meaning of the word Tablet.
  • Yet its widespread diffusion would seem to demonstrate precisely the opposite, namely that if many people choose to buy one, it is not just the fashion of the moment.
  • It is difficult for a product of little use to be so successful.

But let’s go together and find out why buying a tablet might be the right choice.

1.Neither a smartphone nor a PC

  • First of all, one must make an exact distinction of a tablet is a tablet. It is neither a smartphone nor a personal computer.
  • As much as you want to associate it with one of the two categories, the latter is a text in itself.
  • The opposite is to say that a scooter has no reason to exist because it is an unsuccessful cross between a car and a bicycle.
  • Thinking in those terms means turning a blind eye to the many benefits that underlie its popularity.

2. Handy and functional

  • The Tablet is practical, light, handy, and functional. The new models offer performance equal to that of a personal computer.
  • They can be easily carried in the backpack, bag, or jacket’s an inside pocket.

3. Used to access the Internet

  • In most cases, users use the computer to access the network and check email, social networks, call via Skype, or browse news on the Internet.
  • All functions are performed very well by the Tablet at speed significantly higher than that of a smartphone, avoiding the clutter of carrying a laptop.

4. Plays the role of a console

  • And if you are a football fan, you will wonder how you ever managed to do without it.
  • The Tablet indeed plays the role of a console very well and is undoubtedly very comfortable for all football fans who do not even want to miss a game.
  • Thanks to 100% digital services like those offered by Mediaset Premium, for example, you can watch Serie A matches wherever you are, on your PC, or – much more comfortably – on your Tablet.

5. Sometimes turns into a mobile

  • The most advanced devices also allow you to insert a Sim card, effectively turning your Tablet into a mobile phone, if needed.

6. Large screen

  • Not only that, imagine that you have loaded several books in digital format on your SD card.
  • Reading a page on a larger screen by lifting an ultra-thin gadget of negligible weight and size than any laptop will make reading more enjoyable than using other devices.

Large screen

7. More applications than a smartphone

  • Let’s move on to applications. Thanks to your Tablet, you will have all the applications you would have otherwise installed on your smartphone, overloading the memory and considerably slowing down the operating system.

8. Easy to use

  • With the best hardware performance, managing multiple apps simultaneously, listening to music, and taking high- definition photos is like drinking a glass of water.

Easy to use

9. More battery backup

  • Those who complain about their smartphone’s battery life sometimes don’t think that delegating the same operations to a convenient tablet can avoid the problem.
  • It helps you from facing the problem of being in the middle of the day with the phone turned off.

10. Less cost

  • The last note of merit concerns the price. With the same performance, a good-quality tablet costs much less than a last-generation smartphone or laptop.

Five (5) Reasons tablets aren’t ready

1. Not portable as smartphone

  • Is a tablet as portable as the phone you already own? You can keep your phone in your pocket and never know it’s there.
  • But you cannot do the same with an iPad or touchpad. You cannot carry an extra bag to melt your Tablet at the end of the world. Clearly no, no, but don’t try to tell me it’s as portable as my little Android phone when it’s not.

2. Not fit for playing real games

  • Where are the games? And by fun, I don’t mean things like Angry Birds, with all due respect to our feathered friends. Will I be able to play 64-player multiplayer in Battlefield on a tablet?
  • Can I waste hundreds of hours playing World of Warcraft? What do you think of Crysis 2? Tablets may have their place globally, but playing real games to the max will require a PC with a decent GPU.

3. Not helpful to use photoshop

  • How much work can you do on each of these things? Are they running Photoshop? How long will it take to render the video?
  • Imagine a desktop computer with its overclocked quad-core processor (4.0 GHz) and hundreds of free space gigabytes.
  • It will render video 800 times in a row before a tablet can cause a video only once.

4. Not an alternative of a laptop or TV

  • “You can surf the web with a tablet while watching TV on the couch! And the movies are great!” All fixed points, but I can already browse the web on my sofa with my proven laptop, so why make another device to do the same?
  • It doesn’t make much sense. As for the movies, I prefer to watch them with a proper setup.
  • Blu-ray player, big screen TV, surround sound, it works, instead of watching them crowded on a train or even hunched over in bed.

5. No future

  • Something better will happen in a few months. Remember when netbooks were all the rage a few years ago? The future of computing, etc.
  • We hardly see them mentioned anymore, and that’s because tablets are the new soup of the day.
  • In four years, we will write, “Do you remember the tablets?” Articles are complaining about spending all that money on some stupid piece of hookup technology.

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