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What is a Supercharger? How does it work? [2023]
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What is a Supercharger? How does it work? [2023]

Supercharger stations have remained conveniently located near popular service areas such as restaurants, shops, and WiFi hotspots. Each station houses multiple superchargers, so you can quickly get back on track.

Below are additional program data for Tesla vehicles in the Supercharger program.

In areas where possible, owners remain billed per kWh (kilowatt-hours), which is the most precise and most fair criterion.   On all other sites, we bill for the service by the minute.

When billed by the minute, two bands account for load differences, called “band 1” and “band 2”.

Band 1 applies when cars are charging at a maximum of 60 kW, and band two if they charge more than 60 kW. The cost in band 1 is half that in band 2.

Also, band 1 applies whenever your vehicle is sharing Supercharger power with another car.

The price of using a supercharger may vary by location, and it may change from time to time. All prices include taxes and fees.

Specific prices for each Supercharger location remain displayed in the pop-up of the pushpin you have selected in the vehicle’s touch screen navigation application.

Some supercharger stations offer rates adapted to peak and off-peak hours. Rates and peak hours remain displayed in the navigation application on the vehicle’s touch screen.

Standard Supercharger rate will apply after the use of free Supercharger credits.

Charging in superchargers is easy and convenient – plug and charge. The supercharge history will automatically populate in your Tesla Account, showing the credits consumed or, if applicable, the amount billed.

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Table of Contents

Locating a supercharger

Where can I find the existing supercharger stations?

To find a supercharger station near you, visit the interactive Where We Are map.

Are superchargers always accessible?

Almost all Supercharger stations are open 24 hours a day for charging. However, the nearby establishments remain governed by their specific hours.

Do I need to install a charging system in my home if I have superchargers near me?

The load typically based is one of the best ways to live with a Tesla, and you will not have to move to get a full charge. We recommend that you use an easy-to-install Level 2 charging solution at home or work whenever possible. Superchargers are suitable when travelling on the highway, moving out of town or installing the charging system in your home.

Where exactly is the Supercharger station located on the premises?

Supercharge stations remain displayed with GPS location on your vehicle’s touchscreen navigation system. Your vehicle’s navigation system will indicate the route to the nearest entrance, and you can zoom in on the map to locate the exact location of the station, indicated by the checkered arrival destination flag. If you need additional instructions, you can view them by pressing the station’s red lightning icon.

How does Tesla decide the location of the Supercharger stations?

Tesla superchargers allow long-distance travel and comfortable charging in urban areas. We employ precise energy modelling technologies and locate superchargers near leisure and rest facilities such as hotels, restaurants and commercial spaces. Become a charging partner and attract Tesla drivers to your facility by hosting a supercharging station.

Using a supercharger

How do I use the supercharger network?

Please park your vehicle and plug it in using the supercharger station connector. Once plugged in, the vehicle’s charging socket LEDs will blink green to indicate that charging has started. You can monitor the charging process from the instrument panel in your Tesla app.

How can I plan a trip with the superchargers?

Its integrated route planner will automatically direct you to the superchargers on the way to your destination. Additionally, all Supercharger locations are displayed in your vehicle’s navigation to help you with route planning.

How can I know the speed of the Supercharger before plugging in my vehicle?

Your car’s navigation system will display the maximum power output for each supercharge location. You can also check this information on the interactive map of Where we are.

Supercharging my car is not being as fast as it should. What could be due to?

Your vehicle and the Superchargers communicate to select the appropriate charge speed for your car. Supercharging speed may vary depending on battery charge level, current use of the Supercharger station, and the presence of extreme weather conditions. Your vehicle will charge faster when the battery is low, and the charging speed will slow down as the battery level rises. Depending on your destination, it is often not necessary to fully charge the vehicle.

Does Supercharge affect my battery?

The maximum battery charging speed may remain slightly reduced after a high number of high-speed charging sessions, such as Superchargers. The battery charging rate remains diminished when it is too cold, almost complete, or conditions change depending on use and age to ensure maximum autonomy and safety. These changes in battery status can increase the total time of an ÜberCharge by a few minutes overtime.

How can I maximize power at supercharger stations?

When charging at a V2 Supercharge station (max. 150 kW), select a charging station with a unique number not connected to a car. Each loading station remains labelled with a number and a letter (1A, 1B, 2A, 2B). When no unique number is available, the Supercharger cabinet has the technology to share the available power between charging stations A and B. In Supercharging V3 stations, power (max. 250 kW) remains shared between all stations.

When will V3 superchargers be available in my area?

Tesla opened the first permanent public V3 supercharger location at Tesla’s Fremont, California factory in June 2019. We will continue to expand V3 infrastructure globally.

What is the maximum charge rate for V3 superchargers?

V3 superchargers are capable of maximum charge speeds of up to 250 kW.

Will all Tesla vehicles can receive a 250 kW charge?

All Tesla models will benefit from the elimination of power-sharing with the V3 architecture. The maximum speed of each vehicle will depend on the size and age of the batteries, the state of charge and the ambient temperature conditions.

How long will it take to get an 80% charge with V3 superchargers?

We expect average charge times to be cut in half when the benefits of on-road battery preheating remain combined with the energy capacity of V3 superchargers. The impact on individual owners will depend on several factors, such as the size and condition of the batteries.

As a driver or commercial operator, can I use the public Supercharger network?

With our Supercharger Fair Use Policy introduction, commercial vehicles cannot use the public supercharger network. If you are a commercial operator, please contact us to assist you with charging recommendations that meet your business needs. Keeping a supercharger network available only to non-commercial users will positively and negatively affect the supercharger network and all Tesla customers.

A vehicle of another make remains parked in a supercharger station. What should I do?

Most Supercharger stalls remain reserved for charging Tesla vehicles, but some booths allow general parking. Please note the posted signage, and if a non-Tesla car is blocking a supercharger post for longer than indicated, please notify us.

Is it safe to use the Supercharger in rain and snow?

Tesla vehicles remain designed to charge in harsh weather conditions, including rain and snow. Charging time may vary in extreme weather conditions.

What other charging options do I have at my disposal?

In addition to the supercharger network and destination charging network, visit Plugshare to map additional public charging locations.

Who should I contact if I have a problem with a supercharger?

Our Tesla service technicians monitor and regularly maintain our superchargers to address technical issues as quickly as possible. There is no need to contact Tesla or report problems with a supercharger. If you are experiencing issues with your charging cable, visit our do-it-yourself guides.

Why is my charge limit set to 80% on busy Supercharger stations?

When more than 50% of Supercharger seats are complete, we set a default load limit of 80% to promote a more efficient experience. If you need more charge for your journey, you can manually adjust the charge limit via your car’s touch screen or the “Charge” option in the Tesla app.

What should I do if I have a problem using a supercharger?

Contact Customer Support.

Inactivity fee

What are inactivity fees?

The inactivity rates apply to any car holding a supercharger when the station remains filled to 50% and not once the charging session has ended. If the vehicle remains removed within the first 5 minutes after the charging session, the fee remains waived. In short, the purpose of applying this fee is solely to enhance the customer experience, and it is not for profit.

How long can I have my car parked on a supercharger?

When you have enough load to reach your next destination, remove your vehicle so other drivers can load. Cars parked on a supercharger after an active charging session will remain charged an inactivity fee.

Can my Tesla incur an inactivity fee?

All Tesla cars can incur an inactivity fee. Inactivity fees also apply to vehicles with Free Supercharging.


How do I pay the supercharging and inactivity fees?

You can make Supercharge and Inactivity Fee payments through your Tesla Account. For more information, see our Terms of the price of services.

How much does an ÜberCharge cost?

Specific prices for each Supercharger location remain displayed in the pop-up of the pushpin you have selected in the vehicle’s touch screen navigation application. When you ÜberCharge, the total for the session remains displayed on your Tesla’s touchscreen.

Do I need to add a payment method to my Tesla Account?

Yes, you need to have a payment method saved in your Tesla Account. Even if you have unlimited ÜberCharge or unlimited ÜberCharge credits remaining, you have to add a payment method if your Tesla incurs an inactivity fee.

How do I add a new payment method for the load? How can I change an existing one?

You can add, update, and remove supercharging payment methods from your Tesla Account.

To add, update, or remove a payment method for supercharging:

  • Log into your Tesla Account.
  • Select “Settings”.
  • Scroll down and select “Manage Payment Method”> “Add Payment Method”.
  • Add or modify your payment information as necessary.

Save the changes.

Can I have different payment methods for other cars on my account?

Not yet, but this feature will be available in the coming months. Please note that the saved payment method applies to all cars on the Tesla Account.

Why are some places billed by kWh and in others by minutes?

Tesla believes that owners should pay for the energy supplied to the vehicle, so we rate the service in kilowatt-hours (kWh) on the global grid. In some areas, current requirements and regulations make it difficult for companies that are not public operators to sell electricity per kWh. We offer per minute rate supercharger service in these areas, divided into two bands to consider the dynamic charge rate.

How do I know if my car has passed the Free Supercharge credit?

You can check the status of your vehicle’s Supercharger credits in the Gift Box from the Tesla app. For more information on your Supercharge credit, check out our Referral Program.

If I drive a company vehicle, how can my company pay for the supercharge?

You need to add payment details to your Tesla Account to continue using the supercharger network. You can use your payment details or request corporate payment details from your company. To ensure correct billing and reimbursement, you can modify your billing information and download your Supercharge bills to your Tesla Account. More information about billing

Will the ÜberCharge rate change at V3 supercharger stations?

No. The price of the ÜberCharge will not change at this time.


How are you billed for Supercharge and inactivity fees?

The ÜberCharge or inactivity fees remain billed after each ÜberCharge session to the billing address stored in your Tesla Account.

How can I add or edit my billing information?

Login to your Tesla Account to add or edit your billing information.

How can I view my ÜberCharge history and retrieve my Übercharge bills?

You can access your Supercharge history and download your Supercharge bills in the “Charge” section of your Tesla Account.

Can I receive a monthly invoice for my Supercharge expenses?

Supercharge rates remain billed after each Supercharge session. It is currently impossible to get a monthly Supercharge bill or a multi-car bill on the same Tesla Account. However, you can download a monthly expense report by selecting a date range in the “Upload” section of your Tesla Account.

Is it possible to receive a separate invoice for Supercharge and another for inactivity fees?

No, all fees associated with a Supercharge session will remain billed together.

CCS Combo 2 Adapters

Can all Tesla owners use the Supercharger network in Europe?

Yes, the Supercharger network is available to all Tesla owners, regardless of vehicle version or type. In all V2 Supercharger installations in Europe, the charging stations have dual cables that accept both DC Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 charging ports. V3 Superchargers installations in Europe have single-cable CCS technology and are directly compatible with all Model 3 vehicles. Model S and Model X vehicles in the region can access V3 Superchargers with a CCS Combo 2 adapter.

Can third-party charging networks be used with Model S and Model X?

Model S and Model X owners can use the CCS Combo 2 adapter to charge on compatible third-party networks. Model 3s can be plugged directly into third-party networks using CCS Combo 2 connectors.

How do I know if my Model S or Model X has the technical ability to charge using a CCS Combo 2 adapter?

All Tesla Model S and Model X vehicles manufactured after May 1, 2019, are technically capable of charging at CCS Combo 2 charging facilities using a CCS Combo 2 adapter.

I have a Model S or Model X manufactured before May 1, 2019. Can I take advantage of the CCS Combo 2 charge?

Yes. Schedule a simple vehicle retrofit service to take advantage of CCS Combo 2 charging using the Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter. You can schedule a fitting service at your local Tesla Service Center through the Tesla mobile app.

How much does a reasonable service cost for CCS Combo 2?

The CCS Combo 2 reasonable service costs € 299 and includes the price of a CCS Combo 2 adapter.

What is the maximum charging speed I can expect with a CCS Combo 2 adapter?

All Model S and Model X owners can currently receive maximum charge rates of up to 142 kW, almost on par with the highest charge rates offered by the V2 Superchargers (150 kW). We will continue to verify the validity of this technology as part of the V3 Supercharger rollout and provide more information on maximum charge speeds as it becomes available.

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