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What is TikTok? Origin and Features [2023]
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What is TikTok? Origin and Features [2023]

What is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that comes from China and creates by Zhang Yiming in September 2016.

It started as an amateur music video platform but has since expanded its reach to all kinds of short videos.

«Our mission is to ensure that anyone in the world can give a free expression of their imagination and knowledge in the ways and times deemed most appropriate.

The platform hosts creative works in the form of videos that contribute to giving a genuine, inspiring, and fun experience », says those of TikTok.

It allows the users to watch music clips, create short clips up to a maximum of 60 seconds, and, most importantly, edit and add a large number of special effects as desired effortlessly.

To put the concept in simpler words, we can say that TikTok is a sort of visual karaoke.

In it, montages at the limit of science fiction become within everyone’s reach, achievable directly with a few taps on their mobile phone.

Their slogan is “Make Every Second Count” ( By importance to each second ), making sense given that the videos last only a few seconds.

The success of the Chinese video platform is also due to the incorporation that TikTok has made of; do you remember it?

What is TikTok

What is, and how does it work?

  • Alex Zhu, the co-founder of and now senior vice president of TikTok, said he was thrilled to be joining this new project with the Chinese company.
  • Alex Zhu said, “We want to capture creativity and knowledge of the world below this new title and remind everyone to treasure every precious moment in life.
  • Combining and TikTok is a natural choice given the shared mission of both experiences.
  • The music available to TikTok on the application is extensive with various styles, including the most popular hip- hop and electronic music.
  • In addition to that, the App’s evolution on a global scale has led to the creation of very different content, now available in large quantities.
  • Dance, humor, fashion, and beauty: each area discovers a new way of communicating by exploiting the medium’s potential.

It’s time to pay close attention to TikTok

  • Many Marketers around the world have begun to study new media and integrate dynamics of engagement for brands.
  • Several statistics show how TikTok is emerging at great speed, undermining even giants such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram in the most downloaded apps.
  • You will surely remember Musically, bought in 2017 for 800 million dollars by Bytedance in Beijing, and now merged into TikTok.
  • The mobile App is manned by the very young, and the so-called Gen Z is loved by different brands, some with hundreds of millions of followers.
  • TikTok is a mobile app that allows you to generate short 15-second vertical-video-musical memes with lip sync.
  • Over 75 million new users in December 2018 and an increase of 275% compared to the 20 million added in December 2017.
  • To date, the App would have surpassed over 1 billion active users per month worldwide.
  • TikTok is a cross between Vine (RIP), YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.
  • Vine have presented the concept of short-form video, TikTok has made video editing incredibly simple and affordable for everyone.

Most important TikTok tips

  • First and foremost, one slight damper: be careful what you post on TikTok. Especially when you shoot videos in your company, you should see no sensitive data in the background.
  • The US currently has a process underway to assess the potential for national security risk.
  • But apart from the fact that the Chinese company can analyze your videos, you should avoid data leaks.
  • So train your staff before making a video.
  • You can also set your account settings so that users cannot download your videos.
  • You can still interact with the videos and share them, don’t drag them onto your device.
  • TikTok offers code icons that work as a QR code. With this code, other users can easily network with you. Share the code in appropriate places to get more followers!
  • As a next tip, we would like to recommend influencer marketing to you.
  • TikTok works with and about users. To be successful, you have to improve a portion of the community.
  • And as the last tip for your success on TikTok: give the user opportunities to get involved.
  • Start a hashtag challenge, react to videos from other users, or create duets.

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