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The best uses of the iPad: Work, Play & more [2023]

The best uses of the iPad: Work, Play & more [2023]

The Best Uses of the iPad

The best uses of the iPad are many, like instant access to the Internet without unlocking a laptop or entering a computer.

Watch TV wondering where you’ve seen a particular actor before or when you want to do a quick internet search to resolve an argument with your friend.

One of the most outstanding usages of the iPad is it can be helpful to have IMDb, Wikipedia, and the rest of the web at your fingertips from the comfort of your sofa.

Use cloud storage and files app

  • The Files app is finally here on the iPad. You can now work with external storage media, store things in folders on the iPad, work well with cloud services.
  • I recommend everyone to use a cloud service because the files are stored there safely, and it is essential to have a backup.
  • Besides, you can access the data stored in the cloud at any time, even if the iPad is defective or lost.
  • So if you need to work productively and efficiently with the iPad, use a cloud service.

Use the Notes app as a built-in scanner

  • I admire third-party scanner apps like Scanner, but they don’t need them. Finally, you can use Apple to scan documents and create PDFs from these scans right in the Notes app.
  • Once you have the document you want to scan in front of you, open a new record in the Notes app and click the plus sign below.
  • Then press Scan Documents. You can then use the markup tool (with your finger or Apple Pencil) to sign the document and save it as a PDF from there.

Ten things the iPad is good for

  • Here are some things I have discovered so far about the iPad on my travels, and hopefully, they will help you in your iPad purchase decision.

iPad is good for

1. Check Facebook, Twitter, and Email

  • IPad is also a great way to keep up with all of your friends. And if you want to update or tweet Facebook during the shows, this can be a seamless confidante.
  • Even connect your iPad to Facebook, making it easy to share everything from websites to photos. Are you crazy about Twitter? There are several dedicated Twitter clients.
  • As with Facebook, you can link your iPad to your account.

2. Play a game

  • With each generation, the ability to play on the iPad keeps getting better.
  • The iPad 2 contained front and rear cameras that made it possible to play augmented reality games.
  • iPad Three (3) brought the gorgeous Retina display, which permits higher resolution graphics than most slot machines.
  • Recently, Apple added a brand new graphics engine called Metal that takes gaming to the next level. And while you can get many other uses from the iPad, the game is the most fun.

3. Split-screen and slide over

  • The iPad can also multitask. You can split the screen and let two applications run side by side in the split screen at the same time.
  • Another possibility is the slide over, where you can briefly consider another app over the currently running application.
  • These are great functions for looking at another app, such as checking something in the calendar.
  • You can select a photo with a finger in the split-screen and insert it into an email or a presentation, for example.
  • Use these two functions to make working with the iPad easier.

4. Create PDF

  • Transfer files or documents back and forth between individual apps; there is iOS sharing. There is also an extra video from me, ” iPad only: Using iOS sharing correctly.
  • ” There, I explain the use and how to set up iOS sharing individually for you.
  • However, it often does not work correctly with some apps. It is what the last tip is going to the print dialog. As soon as you can print something, you can also create a PDF from it.
  • As soon as you are in the print dialog window, you can use the spread gesture to create a PDF document from the file and easily save it.
  • You may also transfer it to another app or send it as a PDF in an email.

5. Entertainment for the family

  • You may combine Apple’s rigorous review of each app with parental controls on iOS devices and the thousands of great games and apps on the iPad.
  • You have the complete everyday entertainment structure.
  • The iPad is suitable for vacations when you need to entertain the kids in the back seat.
  • Not only do you have access to movies, but you can also play games that are much cheaper than most portable slot machines.

6. listening to song

  • Even if you don’t have an extensive music collection on your tablet, you can still stream music to your iPad.
  • Some apps offer the ability to create unique radio stations from a single song you love.
  • The iPad has good speakers, but most importantly, it also supports Bluetooth.
  • This compatibility works excellent with wireless headphones. With many new TV soundbars that support Bluetooth, the iPad can essentially become your home stereo.

7. Items Copy from your iPhone to your iPad

  • Sometimes you can find a snippet of text on your iPhone that you want to use with an app that is only available on your iPad.
  • Apple makes this easy as long as you’re in the same iCloud account, Wi-Fi network, and have Bluetooth enabled.
  • Copy the text or photo on your iPhone as usual. On your iPad, open the document you want to paste it into, hold your finger until the menu appears, press Paste, and it should appear.

8. Take photos and record videos

  • The iPad’s rear camera is surprisingly good.
  • It doesn’t depend entirely on the iPhone’s camera quality, but the cameras on the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro can compete with most other smartphone devices.
  • What makes the iPad truly great for photos is the beautiful large display that lets you take the perfect shot.
  • And if the iPad camera isn’t good enough for you, there are several ways you can try to improve the photos taken with the iPad.

9. Connect the iPad to the TV

  • The iPad offers excellent entertainment value, including the ability to stream HD video and play high-quality games.
  • But what about big-screen viewing? You can connect your iPad to your HD TV in several ways, including AirPlay to wirelessly connect the iPad to the Apple TV streaming box.
  • And most of the solutions work with both video and audio, so you get the whole HD experience.

10. Portable television

  • This little-known use of the iPad is excellent for parents who often attend soccer and tennis games but may want to catch up on TV.
  • Not only can you stream videos via Netflix or similar apps, but you can also watch TV with the Sling Box from Sling Media.
  • This device plugs into your home cable and “boots” over the Internet so you can watch TV from your iPad and even switch channels remotely.

11. GPS

  • The LTE model is ideal as a replacement for GPS. With a supported GPS chip, the iPad can prevent you from getting misplaced.
  • Maps app also includes hands-free turn-by-turn directions. And you can download Google Maps from the App Store.
  • And even if you don’t have the LTE model, these apps can help you find directions before getting in the car.

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Five things iPad is not suitable for

1. Not the best device for writing long documents

  • I’ve tried to edit a large document using Pages and other editors, but it just didn’t work.
  • Pages are too young to work well for people who want to write the extraordinary Armenian novel.

2. It won’t make you famous on the train/plane/bus/boat

  • Contrary to popular belief, the ladies and gentlemen of local transportation won’t notice your iPad.
  • The Kindle has ruined this approach for PUA nerds as many ignore the device, thinking it’s just a boring old E- reader.
  • Note: This can work in places where the Great Urban Aloofness Field hasn’t penetrated, e.g., B. in your next home for the elderly.

3. Not a good bed-side Email companion

  • For some reason, I still use my iPhone or Blackberry to check emails when I wake up.
  • The fact that I read emails when I wake up is an entirely different problem.

4. Not a good tennis racket

  • The first time you buy an iPad, you’ll be amazed by its size – it’s fragile and light.
  • When you have it for a limited day, you realize you have a large piece of glass in your hand.
  • While this can come in handy in a bar fight, it will drive you crazy using the iPad without a case.
  • It is as if I wanted to cover this delicate creature with a second skin.

5. It is not a Kindle / Nook

  • The iPad attracts sunlight. There are no two options. If you plan to read your e-books with a julep mint on the porch, consider getting a tent.

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