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How to see my house on Google Maps [2023]

How to see my house on Google Maps [2023]

Consume you heard that your friends and family have got their house on Google Maps and you don’t know how to do it? It is effortless; it is only a matter of using the street view tool that this map application offers. In this way, you can walk down your street virtually without moving from your chair. So, in this OneHowTo article, we solve your question step by step about how to see your house on Google Maps.

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Steps to follow:


The first stage to being able to see your house in Google Maps will be toward open this Google maps application, done the link:

Once this remains done, you will see that in the upper left part, a text box will appear to enter the address of your house, and then you need click on the blue key with the magnifying glass icon or press the enter key on your keyboard.


At this point, Google Maps will search for the location of your home and mark it with a red marker. In this way, you will see the exact point on the map, then to see it directly as an image, you will take to click on the photo where it says ‘Street view’. Likewise, you can also choose to put the street view of Google Maps by dragging the orange figure that appears in the lower right part on the map. Pan in networking is also useful part in google maps .


With this simple action, you will be able to see your house on Google Maps as if it were a video. By dragging the cursor across the screen and double-clicking on the image, you can change the perspective to see the entire house. In the same way, you can also take the opportunity to see the coordinates of your home in Google Maps and thus know the latitude and longitude in which it remains placed.


Likewise, you can travel around the street and take a virtual trip of your neighbourhood. Although the people who appear in the Google street view appear pixelated for privacy and intimacy reasons, you may recognize one of your neighbours or even see yourself loitering in the area.


And you will not only be able to search for your house on Google Maps, but all the locations that you want; in this way, you can go sightseeing without exit home. Look for the monuments around the world that you have always wanted to know, and you will be able to entertain yourself for a long time.

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