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Factors Affecting Speed & Quality of Internet Connection

Factors Affecting Speed & Quality of Internet Connection

Factors That Affect The Speed And Quality Of Your Internet Connection – No one likes to wait an eternity for a website to load. We all hate it when our internet gets slower. Suppose you are downloading a movie from the pirate bay. Suddenly the internet gets slower, and your download fails.

The same also can happen when you are watching your favourite web series on Youtube or any other OTT platform. That round-and-round suffering sign irritates us the most.

So, if you do not want to experience the same, you need to ensure that your internet connection is offering you the speed you really want. Several factors work together or individually when you are experiencing a latch in the internet speed.

Here, in this article, we will talk about that only.

Factors That Affect The Speed And Quality Of Your Internet Connection

A lot of factors affect the speed and also the quality of the internet connection. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the major factors which are responsible for the quality and the internet connection you have.

Factor 1: Hardware

The hardware is obviously responsible for the internet issues you are having. It is not always the internet network that creates the problem. Sometimes your device also becomes a hindrance in the internet speed and quality.

Older computers, mobile, laptop devices with a slower processor can put the brakes on your connection. Older devices also can slow the internet connection on the other updated and latest devices.

Factor 2: The Network Type

The type of network or connection you are using also affects the internet speed you are getting. For example, in case you are using a wi-fi connection, you might encounter internet speed issues or a slower internet connection.

In this case, a wired connection might save you a little bit. When you are connecting your device with a wire, the connection becomes closed, and no variables are there. Thus, the connection maintains a constant or descent speed.

Factor 3: The Software You Are Running

The software you are running also leaves an impact on the internet speed. Sometimes the slower internet speed does not lie in the internet connection itself but in the software you are using.

If you are running a lot of software in the background, it is obvious that you will encounter internet connection issues. So, close some of the apps that you are not using right at the moment, and you will be able to enjoy faster internet speed instantly.

Factor 4: Number Of Users

How many numbers are using the internet connection at the same time?

Yes, the numbers matter. The more number is added to a single connection, the internet speed will get distributed, and automatically the speed will decrease.

Therefore, when you are setting up the internet, ask your ISP about the number of devices that can be connected at the same time. Keep the connected device numbers within the said limit, so you enjoy a faster internet connection.

Factor 5: Router And Router Location

The device or router you are using is obviously going to affect your internet speed. You just can not get any cheap router and expect it will cover your entire house. Check the hardware of the device and then opt for one.

Apart from the router’s brand and performance, the placing also plays a vital role. If you have placed the router at the entrance of the house, you can not get the highest speed from the bathroom. The best place to cover the entire house is at a middle point.

Some More Factors

We have mentioned the major factors that affect both the speed and quality of the internet. Apart from them, here are some more reasons you need to f-x right now.

  • Viruses.
  • Operating System.
  • Network traffic.
  • Host server.
  • Web browser.

Fix Slower Internet Connection

As now you have a brief idea about the possible reasons that are affecting the speed and quality of the internet, you will be able to fix them. If none of these is able to offer you the required speed, it might be time to upgrade your internet plan or change your ISP or internet service provider.

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