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eBay Classified Ads: Introduction, Tips and Tricks [2023]

eBay Classified Ads: Introduction, Tips and Tricks [2023]

For the start of the new year, clean out your storage tank. You can sell almost anything for free on eBay classified ads. This online platform is the digital version of the classified ads from the daily newspaper. The particular advantage of eBay classifieds: Even with the free version, the ads often lead to success. On top of that, the advertisements are created and activated in no time at all.

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It is How Pricing Works

Unlike eBay, which remains related by name, eBay classified ads is not an auction platform, so the products are not auctioned here. Instead, you can name a fixed price or a negotiated price and then agree on the price with the prospective buyer via eBay classifieds messages, emails, messengers or phone calls. By selecting “VB”, you indicate that you are willing to negotiate for the price you have specified in your advertisement. But you can also set products to be given away as gifts.

Since October 2020, also with Payment Function and Buyer Protection

Unlike eBay, eBay classifieds did not provide a payment system until the end of October 2020 and offered neither a buyer protection program nor an escrow service. On October 29th, 2020, that changed. However, eBay classifieds launched the new payment function “Pay safely”. At the start, however, it is only available for a few categories such as “Toys”, “Mobile phones & telephones” as well as “PCs” and “Notebooks” and only covers purchases up to 1000 euros. The buyer has to pay a fee for using this payment function. You can read details on “Pay safely” here: eBay classifieds – Paying is now safer – partially

Unlike eBay, the ordering and payment process on eBay classified ads remains not automated. You choose from the prospective buyers who contact you, who you want to buy and decide how the payment is to remain made.

Registration and Use

You can use eBay classifieds in your browser or as a smartphone app. An email address is sufficient for registration. You can log in to eBay classifieds using your email address and password. Unfortunately, there is no two-factor authentication (2FA). You will be informed promptly by email about incoming messages to your eBay classifieds account.

Sell ​​for Free and for a Fee

In principle, the seller pays no fee on eBay classified ads. You only have to pay something if you want to highlight your ad or keep it up again. The award as a top ad also costs extra, but it also increases visibility because these ads are at the top of the hit list. Even if you want to place more than 50 advertisements within 30 days, you have to pay. For cars and real estate, special conditions apply.

Contact is also free of charge for prospective buyers. Ideally, neither seller nor buyer pays anything for a successful change of ownership.

Tips for a Successful Advertisement

An advertisement remains created within a few minutes, and the process is self-explanatory. Use the preview to discover any errors. For legal reasons, it is essential to distinguish between private and commercial sales.

Here are a few Tips to Ensure that your eBay Classified ad is a Success for Free:


Even in the free version, you can publish several images for each advertisement. Use only successful photos and pay particular attention to the informative value of the first photo, which remains shown in the hit overview for your ad. When choosing an image, remember to show all the essential details of your product.

Ad Headline:

The title of your ad should be meaningful and include keywords that users are looking for. The reader should know at first glance what it is about and what is unique about your offer.

The Descriptive Text Should be Brief – nobody likes to read epics that are bloated with empty words or repetitions – but still contain all the essential information. The condition of the product should remain stated honestly and clearly. All crucial technical details should be on display.


Before you Specify a Price – possibly as a basis for negotiation – check the competitive environment: What are others asking for a similar or identical product? In the price comparison of the PC-WELT, you can, for example, research the new prices for electronic products. Then decide on a fixed price, a negotiated price or whether you want to give away a product. And, you can also have a look at wrike non profit pricing for non profits.

The Right Time:

If you have a free ad that you can’t pull up again, the time of publication is significant. It is best to post your ad in the evenings and weekends when most people are online.

“Pull up” an Ad for Free:

To pull up an existing ad-free of charge, you have to create it from scratch. To do this, copy the text and photos from the old advertisement into the new ad.

Pay Securely:

If your prospective buyer does not want to use the payment function introduced in October 2020, then have the purchase price transferred to them in advance. For example, by PayPal or by transfer to your account. Or you can have the price paid in cash upon delivery. In this case, however, there is a risk that the buyer might want to renegotiate again on site. Never send your goods before you have received the money. eBay Classifieds has summarized security tips here.

All are Anonymous:

Buyers and sellers can register anonymously on eBay classifieds. So you have no certainty about the identity of your negotiating partner.

Verification from Summer 2021:

However, eBay classifieds wants to start a verification function for users in summer 2021. Initially only for categories such as “babysitting & childcare” or “tutoring”, children and young people often act disproportionately, and grooming can be faced. Grooming is the targeted contact of minors by adults with intent to abuse. If you want to place any advertisement or contact us in these categories, you must enter your mobile phone number and verify yourself via SMS-TAN.

eBay classifieds want to gradually expand this verification requirement to more categories until all user accounts are verified in the “medium-term”. This also applies retrospectively to existing user accounts. This verification will be free for users.

eBay classifieds justifies the introduction of verification as follows: “The aim is to put an end to the supposedly anonymous behaviour of criminals. We hope that this will also have positive effects on the problem of sexual harassment. The verification should also have advantages in the area of ​​fraud prevention.”

Secure Evidence:

Sellers should permanently save their ad and secure all communications with the buyer about it. Conversely, this also applies to prospective buyers. Take a screenshot of the ad.

Under no Circumstances:

Never send photos of ID documents or bank cards! These could remain used for fraudulent purchases on your behalf or phishing attacks.

Safe Shipping:

It is best to send your goods as an insured package if you do not directly hand them over to the buyer. Take photos of the goods in the box before you close the container. If the payment function remains used, you will have to send your package insured anyway.

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