Birdies have invented a new category of shoes that combines luxurious style and maximum comfort with our unique 7- layer cushioning technology.

Our shoes combine a sneaker’s support, a slipper’s softness, and a flat design style.

We create classic shoes that deal with a designer apartment’s style and the luxurious comfort of a slipper.

Birdies are perfect for everyday use and make you feel like you are running on

We wanted the little birds to combine the style of a designer apartment, the support of a sneaker, and the softness of a slipper.

That’s why we have developed a unique 7-layer comfort technology for the whole day. That’s how we did it

Popular Slipper Shoe startup that just raised Eight (8) million more from investors

  • What did you get for your money? The shoes that give them “PTSD” jokes Gates, but that was the birdies’ starting point?
  • It wasn’t that easy, but a few essential connections made a difference, one of which came from long-standing contacts.
  • “We were so obsessed with our idea that we asked everyone we spoke to if they could help us.
  • The breakup put us in contact with someone who had just retired from the Los Angeles shoe store and a few China Knew factories. He agreed to help us with the introduction. “
  • It was a game-changer, even if what the factories no longer worked with. He thinks of the ripped shoes with the entrails, including the memory foam inserts mounted on handmade paper.
  • “The shoe industry is tiny, and it’s tough to get into a factory if you don’t know anyone,” says Gates.
  • Fast forward several years, and Birdie is now a legitimate operation, albeit a surprisingly small one with only six employees but a large and rapidly growing customer base.

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Birdies recently launched a resort slipper

  • ” Birdies sent Markle a pair of free shoes, and, to her delight, Markle accepted them. She started wearing them all and even tagging them on Instagram.
  • There was only one problem. Markle took her everywhere except the house. “It was an extraordinary and frustrating time for the brand because of its shape for home entertainment.
  • A thicker rubber core followed – along with a $ 100,000 check from Dunn – and the rest is in the works. Of course, it’s not just a walk in the park.
  • The company had temporary waiting lists of up to 30,000 employees, which the new financing round can solve.
  • As with many new brands, it is also in a price war. Last fall, in collaboration with designer Ken Fulk, several limited-edition shoes were offered that brought “a completely new customer” and achieved 165, 30 percent more than most slippers.
  • Birdies recently launched a “resort” slipper for $ 95, and Gates is hoping to bring cheaper models to market.
  • There is also the challenge of quickly finding out how high the rents are in new markets. Choksi and Norwest, which reach many consumer brands, are helping.
  • There will be more bridesmaid slippers in spring or summer, as well as new designs.