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5G Network Write For Us

5G is the fifth generation of mobile telephony. In telecommunications, the launch of a new generation of mobile telephony is a significant event. A minor step back is needed to understand the interest in having a new network. In 1986, the first generation made it possible to make calls, the second to send SMS. Founded in 2004, 3G made mobile Internet possible. Therefore, as for 4G, which appeared in 2011, it has made it possible to develop mobile Internet use more quickly.

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How To Get 5G Network?

To have 5G, you must be in an area covered by 5G. However, from one operator to another, the deployment of 5G is not the same. And that’s not all. However, to take advantage of 5G, you must also have a 5G package and a 5G compatible smartphone.

How Does 5G Network Work?

5G is a mobile network called upon to take over from 4G. However, to function, a network needs two essential elements: frequencies and antennas to transmit the signal.

Basically, communications or mobile data, which pass through frequencies, are relayed by antennas. Moreover, this is why operators will have to deploy their own 5G mobile network. Initially, they will rely on existing supports, pylons equipped with 4G, for example, to install 5G antennas.

These are specific antennas called Massive MIMO. However, equipped with many connectors, they can reach a more significant number of users. In addition, rather than spraying an entire area with airwaves, they emit a signal targeted to each user, thanks to beamforming, adapted to their needs, thanks to network slicing.

Is 5G Network Dangerous For Health?

This is the question that everyone is asking but to which it is still impossible to give a clear answer. So, the government has tasked ANSES (National Health Security Agency) with conducting expertise on the population’s exposure to the electromagnetic fields of this technology and any associated health effects. But, it will not deliver its conclusions and recommendations before the spring of 2021, so after the commercialization of 5G.

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