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Consulting Write For Us – Consulting is an intervention carried out in a company by an expert outside it: the consultant. He is an “expert” because he has technical knowledge or skill, and he will put it to use for this company to solve a specific problem. The consultant is independent, especially if he has a long experience in a field or a very important network in a sector. But to start your career in consulting, it is much more common to join a consulting firm, which includes several consultants.

Consulting provides expertise on a topic to a third party in exchange for a fee. The service may involve consulting or implementation services. For the consultant, taking an independent and impartial position on an issue is at the heart of her role. A consultant can, in principle, serve any industry. In recent decades, however, the term has become synonymous with business consulting, focusing primarily on business strategy, management, organization, business processes and technology.

Consulting Write for Us

History of the Consulting Industry

The history of the consulting industry begins in the late 19th century with the establishment of the world’s first modern consulting organizations, also known as management consulting firms. Early consulting firms focused their consulting services on solving technical and financial problems in the United States and later in Europe and the rest of the world. Early consulting firms focused their consulting services on solving technical and financial problems. Today, there are over 6,000 consultancy firms in India alone, which are expected to grow to 9,000 firms worth nearly 27,000 crores by the end of 2020. These consulting firms offer different services, covering countless fields, disciplines and industries.

A firm is, therefore, a form of business. This does not provide a product but a service: it sells the expertise of its consultants. This sale results in the provision of one or more consultants for a given period of time. We are talking about missions. A mission can last between a few weeks and more than a year, depending on the firm’s speciality and the scope of the problem to be solved. Similarly, the firm will sometimes make only one or two consultants available to its client, while other missions will mobilize several dozen people spread over several countries.

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Areas of Expertise

Consulting is divided into six major families: strategy consulting, management consulting, IT consulting, specialized consulting, auditing and financial consulting, and other types of consulting (communication agencies, incubators and accelerators, investment funds and investment banks, which advise companies in their respective fields). In total, these six consulting areas create more than 200 different areas of expertise and propositions. Combined with other service areas.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy Consulting – The objective is to guide the company’s major decisions in various fields. Missions: financial strategy, marketing, industrial, etc.

Management Consulting – Objective: to guide the company’s management in the short term. Missions: cost reduction, risk control, organization of the supply chain, inventory management, etc.

Computer Consulting – Objectives: to design an effective and efficient information system, improve the existing network, build up a powerful computer park, etc.

Specialized Advice – Objective: to help the company’s resources in their missions. Missions: development of the recruitment strategy, organization of teams, change management, management of the impact of organizational changes on staff, etc.

Auditing and Financial Advice – Objectives: verify a company’s accounts and management and help the company make the right financial decisions. Missions: financial diagnostics, M&A advice, stock market listing, etc.

Finally, it is essential to distinguish external advice – when a company uses a consultant or firm – from internal advice – when a company has a team of consultants. Outsourcing or internalizing the strategy is a crucial decision for a company; a mistake can prove fatal.

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