Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? – An eternal question that worries every business owner. Hire an employee or hire an agency? Trends change every day, but one of them remains unchanged — every year more and more people shop online. There will be 2.2 billion digital shoppers globally in 2022. Can you imagine this huge number of people? But the majority of them are your potential clients! That is why digital marketing services are one of the most important components of modern business.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is any form of marketing or advertising that is delivered through digital channels:

social media;
mobile apps;
search engines, etc.

It is also called online marketing, internet marketing, or web marketing. The great thing about digital marketing is that it’s versatile. With the help of Shtudio agency, you will be able to successfully use all the instruments of Internet marketing! Well-structured online marketing allows you to attract thousands of customers through one or more channels. An ad in a search engine, a banner on a website, an insert of a video ad on Youtube or an advertising post on Facebook – all this will help customers find your product, get to know it and make a purchase decision.

If you have a staff turnover or hints of it, it is better to choose a digital marketing agency. This is especially true for small businesses that cannot offer a high variety of tasks and rewards. If you have interesting tasks and projects for a marketer for a long time, then your marketer will be happy and will stay with you for a long time.

Digital Marketing Services: Expanding Opportunities

An ideal implementation of digital marketing is at the same time an SEO, and SMM, a content marketer, an analyst and a context specialist. Small companies that mostly hire people on their staff often struggle to expand marketing channels and their overall impact. However, investing in a marketing specialist is a risk. If you hired an employee for context, and the channel did not justify itself, what to do with the person? It all ends with the fact that companies get stuck in one direction, and internet marketing is not working as well as we would like.

Why Hire a Digital Marketing Agency_

For example, you have a cool landing page design, but terrible ads are driving inappropriate traffic. Is this the designer’s fault? Or vice versa: great ads, but the site has poisonous colours, no phones and no application form. Is the ad specialist to blame? Of course not! If you have only one specialist at your disposal, you will not get the result you hope for. Contrary to this, the digital marketing agency gives you access to a wide range of skills and experience. These are entire marketing departments that are responsible for a specific area:
contextual advertising;

site testing;
increasing conversion;
copywriting, etc.

Individually, each team member is good at what he does. But all together generate more profit for customers than anyone (even a super-pro) could do alone. Clients of Shtudio receive several live specialists on a regular basis and pay for a diverse set of skills. At first, glance, contacting an agency is expensive. Then ask yourself a question: can you afford to hire an additional person to expand your marketing areas? When you work with an agency, you gain the skills of high-level professionals in various niches of digital marketing without having to hire them full-time.

Digital Marketing Agency: Stability of Your Business

Specialists in digital marketing services who work as a company’s employees are creative people, but with creativity comes the aversion to boredom. The marketer tries to do wonders with the same keywords. It’s possible, but it gets boring over time. I would like to try myself in other niches.

In practice, many companies hire a marketer on their staff. Then he goes into a bigger and better (at least new) project. As a result, many junior internet marketers change jobs every 2-3 years in order not to go astray and build competence. They leave and the business loses. And the company returns to the professional Shtudio agency to correct the previous mistakes and succeed.

Luckily, digital marketing structures are working on several projects. This keeps them in good shape. When you work with a good agency, it doesn’t affect the marketing process in any way. If the main driver specialist gets sick, goes on vacation, etc, you don’t have to wait for a new one – they already have people who know your industry. Hence, not to waste your money and time, turn to a digital marketing agency!