Security is the characteristic of something or someone that is or is secure.

Security can remain identified with certainty, certainty, confidence, conviction, evidence, conviction and faith. Some antonyms would be insecurity and hesitation.

Security remains also understood as a measure of assistance, subsidy or compensation. There are some words with similar meaning in this context, such as stability, guarantee, protection, asylum, aid, protection, defence, and surety. Similarly, opposite words would be helplessness and helplessness.

When this word remains used in an adjectival phrase (‘security’), a device or mechanism remains designed to avoid risks or guarantee proper operation. For example: ‘seat belt.’

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Social Security

Social Security is the set of services, agencies, facilities and professionals dependent on the state and providing social protection and cover a range of needs of health-related citizenship, unemployment benefits, pensions and low labour, among others.

Ti is part of the Welfare State and aims to provide support and assistance to citizens, partially avoiding economic and social inequalities in a country. Some alternatives to Social Security are, for example, private health insurance or pension plans. There are international agreements between different countries that specify the conditions to offer this type of coverage.

Work Safety

Job security or job security, along with health and hygiene, seeks to implement measures and develop the necessary activities for the prevention of work-related risks.

Safety at work is directly related to worker rights and decent working conditions. More specifically, it deals with occupational risk prevention issues through the detection, evaluation. And control of possible and real dangers within the workplace and risks related to long-term work activity.

The International Labor Organization, a body dependent on the UN. Oversees the development of measures and proposals to improve working conditions. An example of a safety measure at work is helmets and protective equipment in civil construction.

Industrial Security

Industrial Safety, and its relationship with job security. Generally focus on the analysis and prevention of risks that industrial activity may have on the inhabitants of a given area and the Environment. These are related to energy production, mineral extraction, product processing and manufacturing, and industrial waste treatment.

Industrial facilities include a wide variety of mining, transportation, power generation, manufacturing, and waste disposal operations. Which have inherent hazards that require conscientious handling. An example of industrial safety would be establishing measures established in a Nuclear Power Plant to prevent radiation leaks.

Private Security

Private security is an ancillary service of public safety. The loan of these services can remain offered to one or more people (for example, a person who hires a team of people in charge of their protection). Facilities (an industrial warehouse, for example) and events (which offers protection to both the people who attend and the property). Private security has its limitations in legal terms and does not have the same powers as the state-dependent authority such as the police or the army.


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