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Instagram Trends: 6 Predictions for 2023
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Instagram Trends: 6 Predictions for 2023

Instagram Trends

1 Instagram Stories

In August of last year, Instagram launched Stories, a feature intended to be different from Snapchat Stories. Except for the fact that photos and video disappear in 24 hours, and you can use filters, text and drawings to edit them, and they have a similar name. Okay, they are pretty similar.

The idea behind this update is that Instagram users tend to post their best photos on the platform, but they don’t share their daily photos. According to the company: “With Instagram Stories, you don’t have to worry about posting too much content. On the contrary, you can post as many times as you want – as creatively as you like.”

The product’s launch came after the trend generated by the users themselves known as ” Finstagram “. A term derived from ” fake Instagram ” or ” fake Instagram “. A secondary account where users posted content that they did not want to appear on their introductory statement. Main reports generally follow a set of unspoken rules, such as that you must post a photo of food at least once a week.

In this way, Stories aims to change the way people use Instagram, a rather daring strategy. Stories allow you to tag people, add links to your content (valid for brands), and use Boomerang.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it launched as a separate app once it had a solid user base, just like Boomerang, Hyperlapse, and Layout. In this way, they avoid users getting confused when having to use an oversaturated app.

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2 Instagram Direct

In 2015, Instagram updated Direct, the way to send messages within the app. Since then, the number of users went from 80 million to 300 million. With these figures, it is not surprising that Instagram seeks to continue improving its service to motivate users to use the app more.

Instagram has added new features that will be familiar to those who know Snapchat and users of Instagram Stories. Now users can send unique disappearing content to their friends. The content is deleted from the user’s inbox once the user views it. The sender will receive a notification if the recipient takes a screenshot.


3 Instagram Shopping

In a recent update, Instagram experimented with the product for sale labels with 20 fashion brands, allowing them to tag specific items within photos. In this way, the shopping experience for the user is better. Instead of looking for the link in the profile bio, they can click on the tag to get detailed information on the product they are viewing. The user can investigate without having to leave the app. If they decide to buy, a button will take them to the brand page.

Even though purchases through social networks still do not have the expected force, they represent an additional income opportunity for the platforms. Instagram and Pinterest are very visual networks so that they can work for selling. I am sure this trend will grow.

4 Business Tools

Before, it was frustrating for businesses that Instagram offered very little analytics information. Ti has changed thanks to its most recent update.

Instagram business tools now allow business accounts to be verified. With this, it is possible to add contact and the address of your business and give you access to analytical tools and promoting content.

Using Instagram Insights allows companies to know information about their followers, such as behaviour and demographics. The analytics tool shows which posts have performed better, making it possible to improve the quality of published content. Before this, brands had to use tools developed by third parties.

Finally, this update allows you to convert the most popular posts into ads to reach more people. Ti remains tied to the new algorithm that they started using last year. If Instagram follows in the footsteps of Facebook, the algorithm will gradually reduce organic reach, and brands will have to start paying.

 5 More Video Options

One of the most vital trends on Instagram is video.

It seems that 15 seconds was not enough for users. Instagram decided to expand the available video options, now up to 60 seconds. Ti allows brands to interact with their followers in different ways.

However, one of the most significant changes is live video. Like Periscope, YouTube, and Facebook, Instagram has confirmed that it is testing this option.

Whether this feature will be fully released is not confirmed yet, but you can surely expect to see more of it shortly. Once it is available to users, brands and influencers will use the feature to reach their audience.


6 More Advertising Options

Instagram offers various options for brands that want to advertise with them. However, I am sure these options will grow over time.

Mark Zuckerberg has said that it does not represent a “significant business” until a product reaches one billion users and, therefore, “it is not worth monetizing” until then. His idea is that if advertising remains abused, it is less attractive to users, limiting its growth.

Once you reach 1 billion users, it is easier to retain users. So we can expect to start seeing more ads from brands on Instagram.

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