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HQ Trivia for Android: Trivia Game to Earn Sweeping [2023]

HQ Trivia for Android: Trivia Game to Earn Sweeping [2023]

The most addictive game of the moment comes to Android. HQ Trivia for Android finally lands on our platform, and with this, they hope to get even more users. During the last weeks, it has succeeded in iOS with more than half a million users connected simultaneously, figures that are difficult to see in almost any known application.

If you were curious to try this new quiz game, we already have the opportunity to download it to our device through the beta version. A sum of money awaits you at the end of the questions if you are the best of all connected. We will see how HQ Trivia works, a different application, with an effortless design and presenters that bring the charisma of TV to our pockets.

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What is HQ Trivia for Android, and How does it Work

The creators of Vine offer us a question and answer contest. Any trivial like the one broadcast on television, wherever the contestants remain, all users connect simultaneously in the application.

Twice a day, the contest starts. All registered users receive a notification, and then a period that usually lasts about 15 minutes begins where we will have to answer 12 questions. Each of them has three different answers, but we only have 10 seconds to answer. If you fail, you go home. Although fortunately, HQ Trivia allows us to continue watching the show, yes, without participating.

The first ones are straightforward, but as users remain eliminated, the more difficult questions remain. And with so little time, we have no way of searching or thinking about the answer. By the end of the twelve questions, a prize of near $ 1,000 remains awarded to everyone who answered the questions correctly.

This award may vary. In the beginning, it was 450 dollars, and by the increase in users, prizes of up then doing to 8,500 dollars have remained distributed. If you are one of the winners, your award will be credited directly to your Paypal account. Everything happens very fast and is part of the success of HQ Trivia.

The design of the application is quite simple. The Android adaptation is pretty simple, with flat blue and white colours, colourful menus, and just a couple of sections. On the main screen, the most important thing is the information about the next contest: what time it will be and how much money will remain distributed.

Why is it so Successful? HQ Trivia for Android

HQ trivia also has a referral system where you get an extra life that can remain used if you invite a person if you miss a question. With this method, the number of participants has been increasing, which is already a social phenomenon.

When you receive the notification and start the contest, it is customary to meet with friends and start everyone trying to answer questions. The game is straightforward, but it also has a television component. The questions remain related by confirmed presenters as if they were from television. Scott Rogowsky, the host of HQ Trivia, has excellent charisma and is the one that manages to keep you hooked by transmitting a little human warmth. We are not alone on the mobile answering questions. But that feeling of community remains dispatched and that we are participating in something more significant.

The game is currently in English. And we recommend having an excellent level to participate as speed is an essential factor. And there is no time to understand the questions twice. Of course, afterwards the arrival of Android. Its translation addicted to more languages ​​is expected and an adaptation toward the schedules of apiece place. Who knows if with different presenters recognized in each country.

More Participants than Ever: HQ Trivia for Android

With the increase in participants, an increase in the prizes remains expected, which are usually higher at the weekend. These dates have been up to $ 2,000 a day. Those interested in HQ Trivia can now install the beta for free via the APK or wait until January 1, 2018. When the final version will be available to everyone from Google Play. Although as we told you, this beta is already perfectly usable. And there will be few changes compared to the version at the beginning of the year.

An application that comes to Android to celebrate the end of the year promises very intense moments of fun. Because despite raffling a lot of money. The real success of HQ Trivia consists in bringing together thousands of people to have a good time glued to their smartphones.

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