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Google Express – Google Express will join Google Shopping

What is Google Express?

Google Express is a shopping platform that consents users to purchase things through the Google Express website.

The Google Express is the app, or voice search through Google Home.

It was placed as a competitor to Amazon Prime and was initially launched in 2013 (formerly known as Google Shopping Express).

The platform is intended to streamline the buying process. Some optimizations later, fully rolled out it was across the United States.

With tailor-made suggestions and a universal shopping cart, shoppers were able to shop directly on the platform.

Google Express has three main benefits

1. Faster and Easier for Retailers

2. Improves the customer experience through excellent, reliable service

3. Promote brand loyalty and lifelong value

Merge of Google Express and Google Shopping for shoppers

Google Express in a few weeks will join Google Shopping

Google Express compete with Amazon

Google Express has not established itself as a shopping destination

Google Shopping Promotions and Google Express


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