What is Google Express?

What is Google Express_

Google Express is a shopping platform that consents users to purchase things through the Google Express website.

The Google Express is the app, or voice search through Google Home.

It was placed as a competitor to Amazon Prime and was initially launched in 2013 (formerly known as Google Shopping Express).

The platform is intended to streamline the buying process. Some optimizations later, fully rolled out it was across the United States.

With tailor-made suggestions and a universal shopping cart, shoppers were able to shop directly on the platform.

Google Express has three main benefits

What is Google Express_

1. Faster and Easier for Retailers

  • For retailers, Google Express offers the opportunity to gain competitive advantages by being part of a marketplace.
  • It has a significant number of customers without the company needing more in-house resources.

2. Improves the customer experience through excellent, reliable service

  • First, the Google Express user interface is easy to navigate. The combination of centralized billing details and numerous partners makes it a one-stop-shop for many purchases.
  • Second, Google Express has a customer service department that can handle complaints and some customer service inquiries.
  • Finally, thanks to the ability to order, customers can shop anytime and anywhere using a range of devices such as desktop, mobile, and voice search.

3. Promote brand loyalty and lifelong value

  • With several retailers on one platform, it is easier for customers to return to the stores they are used to online without switching platforms, which increases brand loyalty.
  • Having your billing information in one place encourages people to shop through Google Express partners.
  • The bonus of having a brand like Google on hand with reviews for every product also increases the customer’s trust in the brand and encourages them to buy what they need through the platform.

Merge of Google Express and Google Shopping for shoppers

  • Google has officially announced the merger of Shopping Search and Express with the new Google Shopping experience.
  • As explained on the official blog, Google Shopping is an improved user interface that takes advantage of Google Search.
  • Users can purchase products directly from Google with a blue shopping cart supported by business returns and other customer services.
  • The new user interface also offers unique features for retailers and brands.
  • Ads, local ads, and transactions are now in one place so they can engage with consumers at the right time.
  • Will roll out The purchase campaigns on other Google interfaces, including YouTube and Google Images, later this year.

Google Express in a few weeks will join Google Shopping

  • According to an email that Google sent to its customers this week, Google’s online shopping service has failed.
  • Google Express will be closed in a few weeks to combine its features into a revised version of Google Shopping.
  • The company had previously announced that it would be shutting down the it brand due to a significant redesign of its online Shopping.
  • It included new advertising opportunities for brands and online sellers and a universal shopping cart for all services like search, Shopping, images, and even YouTube.
  • While Google calls the shutdown of it an “integration,” it’s more like the sunset over a fancy product and brand.

Google Express (1)

Google Express compete with Amazon

  • Google Express was Google’s high-profile attempt to compete with Amazon for online shopping clicks and ad dollar purchases.
  • It also creates an online virtual mall filled with top retailers’ products.
  • Since Google is not a reseller per se, it has done best: it has organized the information.
  • On it, you can find products from thousands of retailers, including big names like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Best Buy, and more.
  • You can also shop through a dedicated online store, a Google Express mobile app, or even Google Assistant.
  • In the latter case, it has partnered with retailers such as Walmart and Target to achieve full integration for voice-activated purchases.
  • As Amazon’s direct competitors, these retailers did not want to offer third-party functionality to Echo users or others on Amazon’s Alexa platform.
  • Google was a safer third-party platform for their experiments with voice commands and custom purchases.
  • But even a few years after its inception, Google Express couldn’t pose a real threat to Amazon.
  • Meanwhile, retail partners are setting up their logistics stores for their customers’ online orders, such as pickup and delivery along the way from Walmart Grocery or Target’s Shipt, Drive Up and Restock.
  • Google tried to moderate the news of Google Express’s demise by including it as another part of the more extensive Google Shopping review.
  • After all, it’s not a closure, the company said. Its features have just joined Google Shopping! There is nothing to see here! Just a rebranding!

Google Express has not established itself as a shopping destination

  • If customers wanted an online mall, they already had one with Amazon or Walmart and their massive third-party marketplaces.
  • Google had no innovations (or acquisitions) in critical areas like warehouse or logistics, while others like Amazon, Target, and Walmart had spent billions.
  • With Google Shopping, Google is returning to the roots of its search engines.
  • The goal is to track customer clicks, ad revenue, and conversions regardless of where they are on Google’s websites.
  • Shop on the merchandise shelves under YouTube videos, search for photos similar to Pinterest in Google Images, or search for traditional products on Google.
  • When ads become shoppable, Google carts follow you around the Internet.
  • This week’s email to Google Express customers stated that they should integrate it with Shopping in a couple of weeks.
  • The revamped Google Shopping will be available on the web and via iOS and Android apps later this month.
  • At this point, you will automatically update the Google Express apps to Google Shopping if you already have them installed.

Google Shopping Promotions and Google Express

  • Google has focused on consumer behavior and the motivation behind the purchases. In the earlier years, Google found that searches for “where to buy” phones have increased by a whopping 85%.
  • They concluded that more needs to be done to take full advantage of voice search and make selling an easy process.
  • That’s how Google Shopping Promotions came about, a relatively new program that allows shoppers to select and purchase items more quickly and easily.
  • Shopping Actions works hand in hand with Google Express and makes it easier for customers to put things into their shopping cart.
  • It is regardless of where they are or which device they are currently using, primarily via Google Home.


  • Google Express is a platform worth keeping an eye on.
  • With voice searches and quick checkout services growing in popularity, it is improbable that the program’s impressive growth will slow anytime soon.
  • It is predicted to roll out in countries outside the US at some point and will continue to compete with Amazon.
  • For you, Amazon rivalry aside, adding Google Express could help you become a 30% growth trading partner soon.
  • It’s always worth having a solid multi-channel strategy to continue growing and discovering new customers wherever and however they want to shop.

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