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Find out who viewed your Facebook profile [2023]
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Find out who viewed your Facebook profile [2023]

Who viewed your Facebook Profile – We have already told you how you can find out who has seen your profile picture on WhatsApp or your Instagram profile. Now we tell you how to know who noticed your Facebook profile with this trick.

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Without a doubt, since the rise of different social networks, Facebook is one of the favourites of all time; and although more and more arise, it continues on the throne.

It is not a coincidence because it is through this that we can be aware of the news and content that matter most to us, both from the world and from other people.

Besides, through Facebook, we share what we most want others to know. If you are interested in learning, who is so intrigued by your movements, follow these steps to find out who reviewed your Facebook profile without installing additional applications.

How to know who visited my Facebook profile step by step

  • The first thing you should do is log into your Facebook account. Conveniently, you put your profile in public.
  • Then go directly to your profile.
  • Open the page’s source code by pressing ‘ Ctrl + U ‘ or ‘ F12 ‘ on your keyboard. You can also right-click on it, and in the menu, select ‘See page source code’ and No code is future.
  • A window will open with its code. Don’t worry if everything suddenly seems to be messy. This point is critical because you can find out who the people who visited your Facebook profile.
  • Then press ‘ Ctrl + F’; a search box will open. In this box, you must write the word ‘ friendslist ‘, and it will take you to an area of ​​the code where you will find endless numbers separated by commas and quotation marks.
  • Here you will see different codes that end in ‘ -2 ‘. What you need is the code before that -2 to view the people who entered your profile.
  • For this, what you must do is copy all the numbers that appear before -2. Then paste it into the address bar with the initial Facebook URL:, for example.
  • By pressing ‘enter’, the search engine will take you to the profile of the person who entered yours

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who viewed your Facebook profile – In this way, the first codes that appear in the list correspond to the people who take visited your profile. The others are those with whom you have had a conversation or activity lately.

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