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Facebook Acquires WhatsApp: What the Industry Experts Say?

Facebook Acquires WhatsApp: What the Industry Experts Say?

Facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch – Ingrid Lunden wrote about the Facebook Whatsapp acquisition on Techcrunch. He wrote that the European Commission had authorized Facebook. inc acquisition of WhatsApp. inc, both in the United States. Facebook and WhatsApp both offer similar applications for smartphones that allow customers to communicate through text messages, voice messages, and video messages.

Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for $19 billion as both are not close competitors. Today WhatsApp has nearly 600 million users, whereas Facebook has 1.3 billion users in total, out of which 300 million use Facebook messenger.

The European Commission stated that they found Facebook and WhatsApp are not close competitors. Consumers would have a great choice of a second possible communication app even after the collaboration. These apps would be affected by the network. The Commission also stated that Facebook and WhatsApp would face ample completion ever after the merger.

What is Facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch?

facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch

The EU has approved Facebook’s landmark $19 billion acquisition of messaging startup WhatsApp — determining that the two are “not close competitors.” In a statement confirming the clearance, it highlights three key areas where it believes the two do not create an anti-competitive environment for other players in this space: consumer communications services, social networking services, and online advertising services.

The third of these — advertising — is perhaps the most surprising of all. The EC backs away completely from privacy questions and goes so far as to say that if WhatsApp did run Facebook advertising (a surprise in itself, given the promises both companies have made), it still would not violate competition since there are so many other organizations out there mining your data that are outside of Facebook’s domain.

 There might continue to have an ample number of alternative contributors of Facebook for targeted advertising supply. A number of internet user data for advertising reasons that are not within the entire control of Facebook. It was stated that this was the end of the regulatory obstacles that had to be cleared by Facebook before getting approved for the deal.

 This was the last big regulatory hurdle that Facebook needed to clear before getting approval for the deal after the deal cleared a Federal Trade Commission investigation in the U.S. earlier this year.

The statement, published by the Europeans Commission’s Competition Directorate, configures its plans of how the merger would not violate the services of consumer communications, social networking, and online advertising.

Facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch

facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch

Ingrid Lunden wrote about Facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch in the article on tech crunch. He also wrote in detail about the European Commission and all its statements about the Facebook Whatsapp acquisition.

In communications, the Commission said that it focused its investigation on smartphone apps only (since that is the only platform where WhatsApp is active today). The EC found that “Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are not close competitors,” the statement reads plainly.

Although Facebook has been making moves to drive more separate downloads of Messenger. By now requiring people to use the separate app instead of messaging within Facebook — the EC highlights the integration of the two as one reason why Messenger is a different experience from WhatsApp.

On the subject of social networking, the Commission says that this is too much of a moving target to be deemed a strong enough reason to prevent a merger. In its words, “The market investigation showed that their boundaries are continuously evolving.”

Referring to the feedback from the 60-page questionnaire that the EC sent out to other app makers, carriers, and others. That have businesses in the messaging space, the EC noted that some third parties suggested that WhatsApp is already a social network that competes with Facebook.

However, the EC determined that, in fact, the parties are “if anything, distant competitors in this area, in particular, given a substantially richer experience offered by Facebook.”

It also cited other messaging apps like Line and WeChat as evidence of that. (Indeed, this threat was one of the key reasons that Facebook was likely choosing to consolidate with the biggest player of all in the messaging app space.)

The subject of online ads is perhaps the most interesting of the three areas of the EC’s evaluation. As it touches on other, wider regulatory issues around privacy that are being tackled elsewhere.

What’s interesting is that the EC evaluated this case not on the basis of there being no ads on WhatsApp — a position that WhatsApp has been unequivocal about — but on the basis of the how; even if they did eventually run ads there, it “would not raise competition concerns.”

This is because it says there are a lot of other competitors out there tapping into online user data. Creating targeted advertising elsewhere, which is outside of Facebook’s exclusive control.

Facebook Whatsapp Download (Facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch)

The Facebook-owned instant messaging app, WhatsApp, has started rolling out a feature for Android users to let them share their status stories directly to Facebook Story and other apps.

WhatsApp has yet to make an official announcement, but several users have reported it on Twitter.

“So WhatsApp has a new feature; you can share your WhatsApp story on Facebook. It’s pretty cool to me, a centralized communication across different platforms,” one user wrote.

facebook whatsapplundentechcrunch

“The new #WhatsApp update also lets you share your statuses on your #FacebookStory,” wrote another.

By tapping “Share to Facebook Story,” you will be able to share WhatsApp Status to Facebook Story.

The launch appears to be part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to create a unified app. It will combines WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. To allow more than 2.6 billion users to communicate with each other by 2020.

The move could allow the social media giant to drive greater user engagement with advertisers. Bolstering its advertising division at a time when growth has slowed.

How To Unlock Whatsapp If The Fingerprint Is Not Working?

It is very annoying when your fingerprint scanner is not working on your Android device. If you have an Android phone with a fingerprint sensor. You are unable to use it to unlock your phone, then this tutorial is for you.

How To Unlock Whatsapp If The Fingerprint Is Not Working_

 Reasons Why Fingerprint Not Working

There are many potential reasons why your Android phone has stopped identifying your fingerprint. Hopefully, one of these solutions has been able to get it working again.

  •  A stained or dirty sensor is what can cause fingerprint scanning not to work.
  • Hold your device too fast, or don’t hold your device at the right angle or your fingerprint won’t work.
  • Your finger is wet
  • You’ve changed the position of your finger: either you’re using an alternate finger that the phone doesn’t recognize or you’re using the same finger but at a different angle.
  • Your sensor is damaged because it was dropped, for example, and that part was dented in some way, so it may no longer work as intended.
  • The sensor is broken/malfunctioning.
  • Inserting new SIM cards can cause problems with fingerprint recognition.

 How To Fix When Fingerprint Not Working To Unlock Whatsapp?

Figuring out what to do when your fingerprint scanner isn’t working. It can be a huge hassle if you cannot access your phone.

Fortunately, there are ways to fix this problem and get the fingerprint scanner is working again. 

Here’s what you can do if you have an Android phone with a malfunctioning fingerprint sensor.

  • Restart your device
  • Update the system
  • Check Permissions
  • Clean the fingerprint scanner
  • Recreate your fingerprint
  • Wipe Cache Partition
  • The fingerprint module connected properly
  • Reset your device
  • Visit the service center

 If you are annoyed about how to unlock an Android phone with a fingerprint sensor and it won’t open, don’t worry. I will suggest you use Android Unlock Tool. This professional software works effectively to unlock Android phones without data loss.

How To Disable Biometric Authentication On Whatsapp

How To Disable Biometric Authentication On Whatsapp

You can disable the biometric authentication on Whatsapp by following the below-given method.

It will be possible to deactivate this authentication from the WhatsApp Web settings. Users’ devices that don’t support this new option will continue to link their accounts as before, using the generated QR code. It should be remembered that the fingerprint is already available in WhatsApp; this biometric authentication is used to open the messaging application. 


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