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How to Create Emojis on your Face on Android and iOS [2023]

How to Create Emojis on your Face on Android and iOS [2023]

We will explain how to create emojis with your Face on Android and iOS so that later you can use them in other apps such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger or Instagram. In iOS, it is straightforward due to the native Memojis system, which is emojis with your face integrated into the keyboard to use with any app. But Android relies on third-party apps.

There are several applications to create emojis with your face, but we will focus on the simplest and most native ones. We will start with Android telling you how to use two applications, Bitmoji and the Google Gboard keyboard, that you can install on any mobile. We will also notify you of three more applications that you can use. And at the end, we will explain the process with iOS and its emojis system.

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Create an Emoji with your Face on Android

Google’s mobile operating system does not integrate any internal system to generate emojis with your face. Therefore, it is time to delegate to third-party applications that usually also have versions available for iOS. Next, we will explain how to create emojis using two applications, Bitmoji and Gboard, and then we will end with a list of other applications that you can use for the same.

Create Emojis with your Face with Bitmoji

The first thing you have to do is download its application for Android (also available for iOS ). You will have to log in using your Snapchat account or create a new one, and the first step of the editor of your emoji will be to choose your gender first, being male or female.

Once you have chosen your gender, you will remain asked if you want to take a picture of yourself. These photos do not automatically generate your emoji, but it will be shown on the screen during the creation process to use it as a guide. Thus, by seeing your face at all times, you should create an emoji more similar to yourself.

And now, you only have to go option by option shaping the face of your emoji. You will be able to change the avatar’s style, skin and hair colour, hairstyle, facial hair, shape, colour and size of the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows, nose, glasses, jaw, lips, ears, facial features and clothing.

Once your avatar remains generated, you can now use it as an emoji or to add your stickers. It can remain done directly from the applications that implement Bitmoji or from the application itself, where you only have to click on the image you want, and a menu will appear to choose the app where to use it. You can use it in applications like WhatsApp, LINE, Messenger or Telegram.

Create Emojis with your Face with Gboard

Another option is to use Google’s Gboard keyboard, which you can download for Android or iOS. Then, open the keyboard normally in an application, and click on the smiley face icon that you have at the bottom left of the space bar.

Once you enter the section of smileys, stickers and GIFs, click on the sticker icon that you have in the bottom bar. When you do,  click on the option that appears with the winking smiley face icon marked in the screenshot. Being the first time you do it, a Your thumbnails screen will appear, and in it, you must click on the blue Create button.

Android will ask for your permission to use your mobile’s camera in Gboard, and when you give it to it, the front camera will remain activated so that you can place your face in the frame box that appears in the centre. When you have your look inside the box, press the take photo button in the centre below.

The application will spend a while processing the photograph, and when it stays finished, it will show you your photo above and below the first two sets that it has created trying to look like you. Here, click on the Done button at the top to finish and start using them, although you can also click on Customize to configure each set. Then we will tell you how to customize them again at any time

The two new sets of stickers will now appear when you enter the stickers section of Gboard. However, you will see that the icon to create your stickers

  • It still appears in the top bar. It’s because you still have to make the emoji thumbnails. When the option to create them seems, click on the Create button
  •  Repeat the entire process you did with the previous set

And that’s it. Once you have created the three different sets of stickers, you can use them in any application, such as WhatsApp. Each group has several dozen other models, so you can express everything you want.

Three more Applications to Create Emojis with your Face

Other applications create emojis with your face available for download on Android, as we have told you before. In general, these applications are also available on iOS, so all their functions can also remain used on an iPhone or iPad and Android mobile and tablet.

One of the popular alternatives is Zepetto, an app that we could say is like Bitmoji but in 3D. It can generate your digital image from a photo. And you can dress your virtual self in different ways and make it pose. Then you can share these images in other apps, although I already warn you that many outfits remain paid.

We also have a more cartoonish alternative like FaceQ. In this case, you create the avatar manually and not with the camera. Although it is not as complex as other options. It offers you just enough to give your new you a defined personality and appearance. After creating your avatar, you can choose between different expressions and ready-to-wear outfits. And you can save the image on your mobile or share it with other apps.

And then, we have Memoji, which has a different approach. The application allows you to put your face in a handful of shapes such as hearts, stars and more fun. After doing so, you can customize them. By adding eyes and mouths with different expressions, glasses, masks, hats and other elements.

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