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Business Write for us – Webtechradar is a resource for creators, small business owners and marketers that covers everything you need to know about content creation and audience growth on social media.

We aim to provide the best coverage on the topics that matter most to our viewers. That’s why we’re looking for creatives and entrepreneurs to share their experiences and social media professionals to share their experiences through our guest posting program.

We’re looking for the best stories, tips, and educational posts, so our standards are high. Our materials team will work closely with you to ensure a superior final product. Willing? There are more details below.

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Our Audience

Our audience includes entrepreneurs, small business owners, startups and business leaders seeking useful and practical information about their small business. audiences come to us for information that inspires, educates and helps them take it to the next level. All submitted articles should be written with this audience in mind.

What Are We Looking For In Introducing Another Guest?

unique content

If you want to publish your content then your content should be 100% original and should not be plagiarized. Also, check for plagiarism in your content to ensure its uniqueness. This is a basic requirement, as you need words for humans, not search engines. Articles must be checked for spelling and well-formed errors before submission to us. We only approve original content. We do not accept anything posted elsewhere.


If you want to write for us then the word count should be at least 500 words. More than 1000 words are always welcome, add some value to your readers so that they will be interested in your work


We keep our audience in mind when writing for us. They are well educated, officers and highly paid professionals. So, don’t just craft the article, show it your competitive edge.

Guidelines of the article Business write for us

Guidelines of the article Business write for usHow To Submit Your Article at Webtechradar

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How Do You Write A Well Formatted Guest Post On Build?

Please ensure that your article adheres to the following guidelines:

  • The length of the article should be at least 1200 words.
  • Use appropriate headings (H2, H3, H4) to structure your article.
  • Keep your writing simple with short sentences and paragraphs. Each paragraph should not exceed 4 to 6 sentences.
  • Each subsection should be less than 400 words.
  • Avoid using jargon, keywords and filler words. Write content that is easy to understand.
  • Use bullet points whenever possible to break up thick text.
  • Be sure to include source text and alt text for all images you use.

Why Write for us Webtechradar – Business write for us

Why Write for us Webtechradar – Business write for us

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