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Anomalie Design Services: Wedding Dresses [2023]

Anomalie Design Services: Wedding Dresses [2023]

Anomalie Design Services

Anomalie Design Services match you with your stylist, who will work with you every step of the way to ensure your custom dress design is perfect for you.

It would be best if you decide to move forward with purchasing your dress; the $39 will be credited toward the price of your dress.

What’s include in Anomalie Dress?

1. Fabric Swatch Kit

  • Anomalie Swatch Kits include dozens of the most popular fabrics used on Anomalie dresses — including silks, tulles, and colored options.
  • You’ll also receive a measuring tape to use with your stylist to determine the best sizing options for you.

2. Dedicated Design Stylist

  • A stylist will match you with your expert design stylist, who will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.
  • Your stylist will provide recommendations on design, materials, embellishments, and accessories based on your unique preferences and needs.

Dedicated Design Stylist

3. Dress Visualization

  • Anomalie personalized dress sketches have long been one of the favorite parts of the design process.
  • It is how you’ll visualize and refine your design to perfection — and this is when your dress will start to feel like it’s yours.
  • Your stylist will work with you on any revisions needed before your design is sent to the workshop for production.

Dress Visualization

Anomalie cut insane margins on custom wedding dresses

  • Shopping for bridal gowns should be a flood, but it’s usually a scam; you pay $ 5,000 for a dress that costs $ 200.
  • Bridal boutiques hide brands on their dresses so you can’t compare stores, and lengthen delivery times, so you have to buy locally for fear of the dress.
  • Ready in time. In the end, you get overpriced clothing because the industry is using sentimentality and tradition.
  • The startup, founded by former supply chain master Apple, officially launched this week to bring a transparent, tech-inspired approach to what brides wear on their special day.
  • A wedding dress made from the same fabric, from the same manufacturers as the boutiques, only costs around $ 1,200, and you can change the look.

How the dress dis-integrator works for the wedding dress?

  • First, send out photos, Pinterest boards, or ideas for anything you need and have a phone consultation with one of Anomalie designers.
  • In forty-eight hours, you will receive sketches of what your dress might look like, with the opportunity to voice your opinion.
  • A local tailor will advise you to take all your measurements and even make any necessary adjustments before the wedding.
  • Basically, Anomalie dresses cost between $ 750 and $ 1,500, depending on the materials paid for upfront.
  • The dress is assured to arrive within three (3) months. You will receive a sample material along the way to test the color, fabric, and feel and update the photo and video as the dress is cut and sewn.
  • A dress worthy of unboxing with the bridesmaids comes in an excellent big package.
  • Anomalie claims their clothes are the same high quality for a fraction of the price, and you can brag about how you helped create them.
  • And if you don’t like the clothing, Anomalie offers a refund of 100% or a dress redesign.
  • “The anomaly stemmed from my frustration with buying a wedding dress,” says co-founder Leslie Voorhees.
  • “I got tired of this and started an investigation.” Fortunately, he knew how to research the supply chain.

Rethinking tradition – Anomalie Design Services

  • There is a billion to be raffled off between David’s Bridal and high-end fashion houses in the mid-market.
  • To go this far, Anomalie will need to “create a brand that people will relate to, for a smart and strong woman,” Means says.
  • They will also face the difficult task of increasing the production of a product that must be flawless.
  • “This is what helped me keep up with Nike and Apple,” says Voorhees. “It has to be delivered on time, and the products have to be beautiful and flawless.
  • ” After all, the founders of Anomalie envision offering turnkey projects with modular customization as they already see similar trends and designs presented by clients.
  • Perhaps the most significant threat to Anomalie’s success is maintaining the status quo.

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Anomalie creates powerful wedge in bridal industry

Anomalie creates powerful wedge in bridal industry

  • Brides dream of trying on the dress of their goals for the first time, but usually, this was before they bought it, not after.
  • Basically, a startup must continually deliver a plan and VIP experience to turn every wedding photo into viral marketing.
  • If the company can prove itself in the bridal gown industry, Anomalie will create a powerful wedge in the bridal industry as a whole.
  • It’s a similar strategy to Joy, a Y Combinator startup that builds wedding websites.
  • “A wedding dress is the most important purchase for decision-makers in the $ 90 billion markets,” Means explains.
  • However, if we can win the trust of this client, the bride is almost everything.
  • Dresses are one of the first purchases in the wedding planning process.
  • Anomalie can receive commissions from other flower and catering providers or create their services.
  • 2.2 million brides buy dresses in the United States every year, but startups largely ignore this problem.
  • Perhaps this is due to the unfortunate male dominance of technology and the assumption that you need a regular boutique to find a suit.
  • This virgin marketplace allows Anomalie to rethink everything plans to hire product managers from logistics tech companies.
  • Then launch them as customer service representatives to determine what the brides want from the startup.
  • “The industry is going through exciting times,” concludes Voorhees.
  • “It should be fun and happy shopping.” Modern brides, like their dress, are ready for company tailored for them.


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