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What is Line? How it Works, Uses and Much More

For a few years now, we have seen the empowerment of the different social networks. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the giants that lead this space; however, others less known have recently begun to emerge but have been treading hard.

As is the case with eastern platforms. We can see that they are here to stay and compete for the users that have remained distributed up to now. Today you can learn what Line is and what it is  This platform of oriental origin in recent months has given much to talk

It cannot be otherwise because Line is currently experiencing its best moment since it has more than three hundred million users.

With only a few years of creation and its innovative system of obtaining income. This is the best time to know what Line is and its uses; and why this instant messaging application is currently being classified as the significant threat of WhatsApp

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What Is Line, The WhatsApp Threat?

Since social networks came to stay. It isn’t easy to find a person who does not have at least one instant messaging application on their mobile; either communicate with your family and friends or be aware of what happens daily.

However, many of these applications are available or remain used to send messages to all the contacts on your list. As is the case with WhatsApp, one of the main giants of social networks.

Line, which is the application that we bring you to this day. Is owned by the largest Internet search engine in South Korea, and as we mentioned before. With only a few years of creation, it already has more than 300 million users in the whole world.

For this reason, it is currently considered the main competitor of WhatsApp, well-deserved praise, especially in this field where what is left over is competition.

Suppose there is something that has WhatsApp and the rest of the best-known social networks trembling. In that case, even though Line has only a few years of its launch, this instant messaging application has reached a staggering three hundred million users, which took a bit longer for its competition.

Although initially it remain created as an application for mobile phones with Android and iOS, little by little, it has been encompassing the BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and even the mac and its desktop version for Windows

A new way to see messaging apps

According to experts in this field, when asked what Line is for, they assert that its main objective is to match and surpass the WhatsApp platform. It is possible that this can happen in a short time, not only because it is a free service, but also because it has a large number of sister functions and applications, which make the job much easier to achieve.

How Does Line Work?

As we mentioned before, this instant messaging application has four specific lines for obtaining income; being the most prominent of them, without a doubt, that of the stickers or decals for Line.

Likewise, Line has to credit a large number of emoticons, which have been very attractive to younger audiences, especially since they do not have to pay for them. This translates into profits for the company since it holds the enviable sum of ten million dollars a month.

Your second Line of income remains represented by your official account service in the app; This has to do with a successful advertising platform for brands.

Radio and television programs and artists, all with the sole purpose of having access to the general public, where no one remains left without knowing their events and promotions.

Third, we have Line’s business model related to the platform’s “sister” applications, which are nothing more than fun games and applications that serve users’ entertainment.

And last but not least, there is Line Play, a community where users can acquire various elements to create or optimize their avatar through coins or coins.

It is worth mentioning that everything remains designed to perfection. This application also works as a digital marketing display, where the various brands can make their investment in the app.

If you wonder how this oriental application has come so far in such a short time? This is due, believe it or not, to word of mouth and an aggressive marketing campaign that spread to all media. However, we cannot fail to mention the dedication that this company’s excellent team of developers has had because they have made their platform an application fully adapted to Western culture.

Another thing that may surprise you is that they used a trial and error theory; This means that if any of its characteristics do not work after being subjected to a trial period, it is as simple as discarding it and trying another one. And the same happens if it has already remained started; If it doesn’t have the acceptance they hoped for, they immediately withdraw it and try another one.

Line VS WhatsApp

In addition to the various features that this new application has, such as its IP calling function, fun games, camera, and a Timeline network, Line’s main objective is to become the instant messaging platform that adapts to any public.

From the smallest to the most adult, and the young student, to the busy businessman.

A “young” application

This does not mean that this platform that is Line, has very little time to be in the fight of social networks, no; It is about their vision, or rather the objective of the company, and it is that it remains aimed at the younger public, but as we said before, without ceasing to attend to those who do not meet this parameter.

This strategy has been fabulous for Line. As everyone knows, most young people are not financially solvent enough to acquire a next-generation Smartphone. Much less have the money that must remain paid to obtain the service of WhatsApp.

For this target, a free platform is better, which is Line. And that is why it represents the stiffest competition from the other.

In addition to being attractive to young people because they do not have to invest money to use it. It also has its collection of stickers. For which you must pay on the other platform. However, it has a small problem.

And that is that the older public still resists and continues to pay to use WhatsApp, and most of them. After knowing what Line is and how it works. Return to their old social network, so as not to lose contact with people his age.

Undoubtedly, both platforms go head to head when it comes to the market for instant messaging applications. Although WhatsApp has a slight advantage. And that is how long it has been in the market and the ease with which it remains used.

That is why it isn’t easy to compete with this platform. Which has taken root in the public since smartphones arrived on the market.

However, Line is aware of this, and that is why it has an arsenal of weapons that it uses to make a clear difference from its competition. In the first place, it can offer the exchange of text messages, audio notes or multimedia content free, while in WhatsApp, you must pay for it.

However, for those who have money and do not mind paying, this is not enough. So Line thought about it and offered free calls through the social network, games, stickers. And something fundamental that took advantage of its competition version of Line for computers.

The only thing that this platform has against it is that the operation of Line is much more complex than WhatsApp. Which remains practically handled alone. It is here where it finds more excellent resistance and has not been able to penetrate the larger public. Who continue to prefer the versatility of their platform that they already know.

Future Of The App

It does not matter all the resistance that the older public may put to this platform. When young people know what Line is, they remain amazed by it. And that is why in recent years there has been a considerable increase in users. The receptivity for this target has been so much that it has now doubled. And today they have more than three hundred million active users on the social network.

This they have achieved without a doubt because they risked leaving the distant eastern lands. Allowing Westerners to know and enjoy the benefits that this platform offers through an excellent marketing campaign.

At present, their objectives have changed, so today they have a vision of attracting more official accounts so that these, in turn, bring new users with them.

That is why they now use the monitoring power that artists and famous personalities have to advertise their products. Also, various brands are taking advantage of Line as an advertising channel. To attract new customers through raffles and promotions on the platform…

In the same vein, Line is betting on the inclusion of merchandising products such as accessories for mobile phones, animation series, and Line stuffed animals, among others. And the strengthening of the strategy that has given the best results, the stickers.

With her novel idea of ​​creating personalized decals according to the territory and scope. Such as the Barcelona and Real Madrid stickers. Line has taken her out of the home run. This has undoubtedly earned her a good handful of new followers.

If you’re still wondering what Line is, we can’t think of anything other than tenacity after reading this article. The fact that it remain created not only in another country but also in another continent and has broken language barriers to get ahead makes this instant messaging platform a giant of social networks.

In addition to being remain young, she arrived with a firm footing, competing like the WhatsApp monster. As time has passed, she has not settled for being known as her competition but wants to break through to reach honour among the social media.

We are sure that after a few years, we will see this instant messaging platform very well positioned. And even adults who are more reluctant to change are also going to opt for Line. Recognizing that it is one of the best social networks they can have on their mobile or computer.

If you don’t have a Line account yet, we invite you to give it a try. And you will discover that you were missing out on a robust platform that brings you great benefits and that on top of that. You don’t have to pay a penny for it. We can safely tell you that once you use Line, the past will remain left behind. And you will make it your new instant messaging network.

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