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2 Main Ways in Which CBD Oil For Dogs Can Be Used [2023]
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2 Main Ways in Which CBD Oil For Dogs Can Be Used [2023]

CBD Oil For Dogs – As we have already seen in numerous texts both online and in print media, there has been a rage leaning towards living a more holistic and natural lifestyle. For many what this means is cooking their food at home from scratch using fresh ingredients, and buying less artificially modified groceries from the stores.

His mentality extends to many peoples pets too. Hen giving them food and treats it has also been noted that people are gravitating towards a more natural and organic food source than one that has added artificial and toxic components in them.

There is an assortment of health benefits linked with eating natural and organic foods, which include fewer pesticides and toxic chemicals ingested in our bodies, fewer synthetic hormones and more antioxidants. This article can tell you more about these and additional beneficial properties.

So, when it comes to our pets, and the same goes to changing their diets to a healthier one, one of the main ingredients that top the shelves and the natural list includes a cannabis plant extract namely CBD.

If it is your first time using this on your dogs, there are two main ways you can do so. This article discusses these ways so you can better understand what to do with that bottle, the next time you walk into a health store to buy something for them.

 2 Main Ways you can give Your Canine A CBD Product

For most people there are numerous ways to use the natural product, for instance, you can vape it, inhale it via a cigarette, eat edibles created specifically with CBD in it like gummies, sublingually and apply balms or cream directly: On the other hand for dogs, the list may not be as vast. However, this does not limit how we can add it to their lifestyle. Some of the common ways to do this include:

CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD Oil Drops:

This is a popular one and a very versatile way of giving your canine something natural which they will love and have tremendous benefits to their health along with their normal diet and activities. When you buy the oil from the pet store, always make sure you understand the label which should have all the ingredients on it.

What you should be looking for includes natural and organic pure cannabidiol oil, as well as any additional ingredients which are beneficial to them. Other things to look for include;

  • The right strength based on their weight and age
  • The flavour, which may be a trial-and-error process to see which one they prefer
  • Mixing it with their food and water
  • Putting it directly onto a treat and giving it to them
  • Placing a few drops directly onto their tongue
  • Add it to a spoonful of peanut butter so they get the added benefit and give it a nice taste

When choosing the right one for them, you can opt for either full-spectrum products or broad-spectrum selections. The difference between the two is in the strength and purity of the oil. While they are all extracted from the hemp plant, no two are the same.

The full-spectrum category of products will contain all the compounds found in the hemp plant including the flavonoids and terpenes (taste and smell), THC and CBD. But it is illegal to sell these unless they have a THC value of less than 0.3%. it is a much more effective one of the two. While the broad-spectrum includes all the above-mentioned except for the THC. An example would remain the cbd oil for dogs products sold on this website. Which are a perfect blend of natural and pure ingredients which cannot harm your pet when ingested.

CBD Topicals:

Dogs have topicals too. These remain mainly created to help relieve their skin either. As a soothing moisturizer during the winter season or to aid in bringing them relief of dry and itchy skin conditions such as psoriasis. Some skin cancers also cause them to lick their skin and scratch which tends to exacerbate the condition.

You can help them by placing some onto the affected area. While wearing gloves and doing so gently may help bring them respite. This remain also absorbed into their skin which can help calm them down. Just like ingesting it, and is an indirect method of absorption into their bloodstream.

If they have hurt themselves and are in pain or the area remain swollen. You can also apply the balm to the area. As CBD is an anti-inflammatory and pain reliever it can help bring some sense of comfort. There are certain receptors found in the skin of our pooches much like the ones we have too.

When you apply the balm or cream to their skin. It triggers well-known activities that help to boost healing and minimize unfavourable conditions. To make sure your doing it right, always make sure you either shave their hair in the designated area to make sure. It get remain absorbed into the skin and does not get rubbed off while still on their hair. However, always be gentle with them no matter where you apply it.


There may be other ways to give them this nature offer. But it may not be as effective as the two above. Keep in mind, that before you buy any type of product. Do your homework on it, including the brand you are planning on buying, the size, the ingredients and more. Once you have done this, speak to your vet and get his approval.

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