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Schedule posts on Instagram? It is already possible!

We were crying out for it, and it has finally arrived; Instagram now allows you to schedule posts!

Over time this social network has been growing and gradually implementing improvements such as the appearance of stories, Instagram shopping, links in stories (only for accounts with more than ten thousand followers) or the possibility of uploading several photos in the same publication ( multiple images).

It has remained demanded for some time, primarily through company accounts, incorporating this application of the programming of publications. This feature has been available on Facebook for a long time. Well, Instagram has finally chosen to make this long-awaited change. But not everything is so beautiful, and this novelty has some buts. We tell you everything!

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Can you schedule posts from the Instagram application?

The answer is no. It is not yet possible to schedule content directly from the application. Still, this post scheduling function has remained added to the platform’s Graph API, which can remain done through social media management applications.

To program, you must use an application external to Instagram to generate the content and schedule it with the date you want. The best known are Hootsuite and Late (but there are many others). Thanks to them, you can program the content you need and the time and date you want.

Can you program any content?

Instagram only allows you to schedule photos. The Videos, stories or multiple images cannot remain scheduled at the moment. They can only be published instantly. Ads cannot remain designed either.

Can content be scheduled with any Instagram account?

At the moment, only accounts that have a company profile will be able to program content. Therefore personal profiles will not be able to carry out this function yet. But don’t worry! Facebook has announced that content scheduling will be available to non-business profiles starting in early 2019.

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Does Instagram plan to include new improvements?

One of the most talked-about possible future improvements (as yet unconfirmed) is the cinemagraph. It consists of a photo or still image in which a small part is in motion. This feature, if implemented, could be great competition for today’s boomerangs. Among other novelties that Instagram prepares for the future is the incorporation of augmented reality in stories. In short, while we wait for the future improvements that they promise us from this social network, we are going to make the most of this novelty.

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