How to prepare for class 10th math Olympiad

Prepare for class 10th math Olympiad – Introduction: The olympiad syllabus for class 10 maths is designed to improve students’ basic skills in areas such as quadratic equations, trigonometry, arithmetic progressions, statistics, and so on.

Once a year at school, the student who has completed the most math homework earns a grade point average (GPA) that is good for an upcoming Math Olympiad exam. Numerous ideas and instructions will help students succeed as they study for this high-stakes exam. Logic Reasoning,  Mathematical Reasoning, Daily Mathematics, and Achievers are the four areas of the level 1  International Mathematics Olympiad Exam syllabus. These sections contain a total of 35  questions for grades 1 through 4, and 50 questions for grades 5 through 12. Read the ten  ‘underlined ideas to prepare for the Math Olympiad Exam below to gain a better understanding of the subject.

Ready for the Math Olympiad with these ten ‘underlined’ tips!

  • One of the most ideal ways of getting ready for the Olympiad is to know the kinds of tests you will be taking. A few tests, like the SAT or ACT, are different decision tests and others, similar to the GRE, are paper-based tests.
  • If you have as of now taken the Math Olympiad assessment, you should realize what’s in store when taking the test. Most tests accompany a pre-concentrate on the guide that clarifies how the test functions. The inquiries as a rule contain various decision or exposition designs. The test normally endures two hours.  Follow the link – IMO Class 10 2012 Question Paper.
  • The aide gives data on what areas you should examine, where to find the test booklet, and how much practice time you should utilize. It isn’t surprising for an understudy to have a specific measure of time apportioned for contemplating. By and large, an understudy who handles constantly designated will show improvement over one who utilizes a couple of moments.
  • Before the Olympiad test, you should take a training test. This will assist you with figuring out which regions you are most vulnerable in and which regions you are solid in. It additionally gives you a thought of the sort of inquiry that you may be confronted with during the test. It can assist you with getting ready for the sorts of inquiries you will be confronted with on the real test.
  • You may likewise need to check online for Olympiad test questions. The internet-based forms will give you a substantially more precise impression of the kind of issue you may be confronted with on the test. Numerous internet-based locales offer these kinds of tests, and they are not difficult to acquire. Much of the time, you can get a free practice test before the Olympiad test.
  • You ought to likewise focus on the scoring framework for Olympiad. You should take a gander at the scale used to quantify your scores. You will see that numerous understudies are scored on a percentile scale from one to 500, with one being the most elevated score conceivable.  Understudies who score underneath this level will battle during the test. In the initial not many number related subjects and understudies who score over this level normally score over the public normal.
  • Another tip for getting ready for the Olympiad is to search for indications of the tests on your scores, for example, the number of right inquiries you get exact, the number of mistaken replies, the number of inquiries that you get off-base, and the number of extra inquiries that you need to get right. You ought to likewise focus on how long you spend investigating your test booklet. Numerous understudies squander a little while of contemplating and still can’t respond to more than one inquiry.
  • When getting ready for the Olympiad, you ought to likewise monitor the kinds of inquiries that you get right on every test. In the initial not many numerical subjects, understudies battle to respond to various decision questions, and they will in general answer different decision questions dependent on their comprehension of the topic. Notwithstanding, understudies who concentrate on enough will in general look further into every theme and answer more inquiries effectively. On the off chance that you keep a scorecard that rundowns the sorts of things that you addressed mistakenly, you can audit the inquiries to check whether you excelled on them and decide the amount you need to study to answer accurately on the last, most important test.
  • While getting ready for the Math Olympiad, you should rehearse your critical thinking abilities. There are numerous issues that understudy battle with when they go to the Olympiad test. Hence, on the off chance that you intend to take the test, you should rehearse the mathematical questions that you find troublesome. What’s more, ensure that you realize how to tackle every issue before you take it on the test.
  • Finally, you can likewise exploit the different books that you can buy to assist you with getting ready for the Olympiad test. These books contain practice tests, practice test questions, and test questions so you can find out about what the test will resemble before you take it. The books contain various decision questions and incorporate a conversation area with the goal that you can thoroughly consider how to move toward the various issues.


Consider learning how the Math Olympiad test differs from other examinations before you begin studying for it. The following are some suggestions for studying for the Olympiad exam. An Arithmetic Olympiad will be a terrific tool to help you improve your understanding and knowledge in math skills if you are having difficulty with math difficulties.



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