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Microsoft Office 2010, What Awaits Us

Microsoft Office 2010, What Awaits Us

A pair of days ago, there was the expected announcement from Microsoft about the launch of Office 2010, the new version of one of its most prominent products, which will be on the market during the first half of that year. On the one hand, there are two main attractions: the new functionalities and redesign of the desktop applications and the appearance of a web version of the most used programs of the suite, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

It is still later to carry out an analysis of the product. Still, we can already glimpse what this new version of Office will bring us and analyze the convenience of using it or not in the company. Choosing it over other alternatives such as OpenOffice that have been scratching a particular market share is possibly Microsoft’s flagship product in companies, with permission from their operating systems.

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Desktop Versions

Perhaps the most anticipated, they are not an exact equivalent of desktop software on the web, but they seem well resolved from what little we have gotten. They are certainly a step ahead of what Google or Zoho offer (we will see if it continues to be the case when they remain launched) in terms of editing and document handling possibilities. And they have the advantage of perfectly respecting the format of the papers of Microsoft. Especially in the case of Word.

They have remained proposed as a complement to the desktop versions. And the opposite would be to throw stones at their roof. A way to access and edit documents when we do not have access to our computer or the desktop version of Office. All the work remains executed finished a browser, and on behalf of the moment. They have announced compatibility by Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari, success on their part.

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The general impression about Microsoft Office 2010 is that it looks good. Without putting your hands on it, it is impossible to go much further. Still, the feeling remains that they have done an excellent job and that they will be able to put themselves ahead of their contestants in terms of ease of use and collaboration possibilities (in the desktop version) it means. Good news, then, to whose information we will be attentive to share them with you.

I leave you with a couple of links that are worth following. In the first, everywhere are a few videos in English since Microsoft. In which they show the news of apiece of the products. They are brief and can help you get a better idea of ​​what is to come. The second from our colleagues at Genbeta, with an in-depth review of the new features of the desktop version.

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