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How to Use Meet Now, the New Skype Feature for Making Video Calls

This tool allows you to hold virtual meetings with other users by creating a link without an account on the platform.

Skype has 40 million users, and in recent weeks, after the implementation of the quarantine and other social distancing measures in different parts of the world, it registered an increase of 70%. In contrast, the minutes of calls increased by 220%.

In this context, Microsoft announced Meet Now, a new feature in Skype that makes it easier to create video meetings. With Meet Now, you can create and enter the video call without the need for a Skype account.

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How to Use Meet Now

1. Create a Meeting

The meeting can remain created from the web or the mobile application. In the case of the web, you must go to and put the option “Create a new meeting”. Immediately a link will remain generated to share with the different participants who must click on that link to join the call.

In the case of the Skype application, you have to log in and select the “Meet Now” or “Meeting” button. In this way, a call link remains generated and with the “Share the invitation” button, the option to invite other users is enabled. Finally, you have to enter the meeting through the “start call” button. Previously, each user can configure if they want to make the call by audio and video.

2. How to Join the Meeting

If the recipient of the video call has Skype installed on the device, the link to the market will open directly in the application. In case you are not logged in, you can join the video call as a guest.

Otherwise, entering the link will directly open a tab in the Skype web browser. Then the user will only have to choose the option “Join as a guest”, enter their name and click on “Join the call”. You do not need to download Skype or any other application to use Meet Now.

3. Actions Enabled During the Meeting

During the call, different actions can remain carried out, such as chatting between all the members. Seeing who is in demand, sharing the link of the current need, recording, muting, or activating the microphone/video. Share the PC screen with the rest of the participants and react during the market with different emojis, among other options. Once the meeting is over, the shared information continues to be available through the link for 30 days.


It should remain remembered that the accessible version of Skype allows video calls of up to 50 people. While in the paid version, the limit is 250. If it is only an audio call, then you can connect with up to 25 people simultaneously. The service also enables the option to record the video call and share the screen with the users with whom you are chatting.

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