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What is Kahoot? Play and create your first Kahoot!

This tool has become popular among teachers and students of all levels due to its approach to making quizzes more entertaining in the classroom. Additionally, Kahoot is very flexible in adapting to different learning dynamics, especially remote learning.

What do you prefer: a test or a quiz game? It is part of a gamification trend in learning, which seeks to make learning like a game.

After you finish reading this note, you are ready to implement an online trivia game in a classroom or with friends.

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What is Kahoot?

Every question has an answer, well, at least on Kahoot, the website where you can create trivia games.

The dynamics are simple. The player answers questions that he sees on the screen, he will get points for answering correctly and the speed he responds. The award works with the dynamics of having a podium for the first three places with the most points.

We recommend playing Kahoot at home and generating new ways of living together.

What is Kahoot for?

Games like Kahoot make the experience of taking a quiz more fun. From a student’s perspective, examinations become entertaining, a way to compete with your peers, and create a quiz outside of the traditional.

Who can create a Kahoot?

The good news is that anyone can create their Kahoot trivia game for free.

What do you need to create a game in Kahoot?

To create a game in Kahoot, you need to know two pages:

  • Kahoot. it

On this page, players will enter the Kahoot pin they see on the screen to enter the Kahoot game.

  • create.kahoot.it

This second page is where you can create the quiz game, but first, you will have to create an account in Kahoot.

But there is still an easier way to make your first game in Kahoot. It is through the Kahoot application for your mobile phone.

How to create a Kahoot game? Edition 2021

We will create a game in [Kahoot] and learn how to make it from the application for your phone.

The first item you will need is to download the Kahoot app, available on Android and iOS.

  • Kahoot App for Android.
  • Kahoot App for iOS.

The second thing you will need to do is log into your Kahoot account or create one. This account can stay made with your Google, Microsoft or Apple account.

Let’s go bit by bit, how to create your Kahoot account!

  1. When you open the application, you will see the following screen with the profile icon. We will click to go to the screen with “Log in” or “Sign-up” options.
  2. To create your account in [Kahoot], you will click on ” Sign up”, and it will ask you some small questions to profile your user. These questions do not affect the type of plan you are going to obtain; all responses by default have free [Kahoot]. 3. Answer the questions until you reach the screen to ask for your email, Google, Microsoft, or Apple account.
  3. If you get the option to sign up for a plan and you only want the free version of Kahoot, you should put it in the option ” later ” or “maybe later”.

5.Once the process to create your account stands finished, click on the X to return to the start menu.

How to create a Kahoot in 10 easy steps?

  1. To create your first game of online questions, you’ll click on the option to develop [Kahoot].
  2. The first thing you can do to give life to your game [Kahoot] adds one title and description of the [Kahoot].
  3. You can also add a cover image for your [Kahoot] and add an alternative text if the picture doesn’t load. Within the image editing, you will have the option to crop to show you better the image you have selected.
  4. It is not necessary to have a title or a description to start creating questions. To make questions, you only need to click on the blue button that says ” add questions ” or ” add  questions “, depending on your device’s language.
  5. Within the menu to add questions, see you have different formats of questions. All those with a crown coloured orange belong to a premium subscription, while options Quiz and True or False have them for free.
  6. We will select the most popular format, quiz. As you can see in the image here, you can add your question, different answers, and even a picture to illustrate your question.

7.When you are adding answers, remember to indicate which one is correct.

  1. To make the game more exciting, you can set a time limit.
  2. And to add more questions, you have to click on the + with the blue square in the lower right corner and repeat the process until now
  3. When you are ready, the last step will be to return to the menu where we were to create our Test and save it.

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How to play and configure the Kahoot to start a game?

The only thing missing is the players and configuring some options.

  1. Within the [Kahoot] start menu, you will find a tab that shows you all the games you have created.
  2. When you select the [Kahoot] you want to play at that moment, you will have the option to hit it
  3. Before starting the game, you can choose the game mode you want, as shown in the following image.
  4. Once the classic mode is selected, the application will launch a seven-digit code pin so that other users can connect and play.
  5. Each player to connect to the game will have to visit the [Kahoot]. It site. If the [Kahoot] application remains already downloaded, the player can enter the [Kahoot] pin in the application by clicking the middle button.

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