Is It Safe to Give Your Dog CBD Oil?

Is It Safe to Give Your Dog CBD Oil? – Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one of the compounds found in hemp plants. Because it is taken out from hemp plants, it has little or no THC, which is known to cause a feeling of highness; therefore, there is no risk of your pet getting high. CBD is further processed into treats, oils, and tinctures.

It is known to interact with a body system called the endocannabinoid system (ECS). This system is present in humans as well as animals. When CBD interacts with the system, it has various effects, from maintaining body balance to causing sleep and more.

CBD oil has been used by humans and animals alike, but it remains questionable whether it is suitable for dogs. You can check Cheefbotanicals dog supplements for some of the best quality cannabis supplies for pets.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Canines?

It has many benefits for humans and pets in general, and your dog, like all other pets, is not left out. That said, its oil is, without a doubt, safe for your canine.

As much as it is safe, the high dosage can result in side effects like stooling, and your canine can also feel tired or drowsy immediately after using it until it can be broken down by its body. To avoid the side effects associated with high dosage, introduce CBD oil to your dog starting from a smaller dose which you can increase with time if need be.

Though there can be minor side effects, it doesn’t cause a long-term threat or effect for your pet. However, to be on the safer side, visit a veterinarian to know any allergies your dog has and know the best dosage.

What Is the Recommended CBD Dosage for Your Canine?

The dosage of this oil for your dog depends majorly on its body size and minorly on its health condition and the dog type. So, the smaller the dog, the lower the dose, and the bigger the dog, the higher the dose.

However, the different companies responsible for manufacturing these oils have various views of the dosage. Here you will see the general dosage for your canine.

For canines generally, the dosage recommended by veterinarians is 1mg for every 10 lbs or 2mg for every 10kg of pup weight twice a day. Research has shown that the advised dosage for canines with bone troubles or pain is 1 to 2mg per kg or 0.9mg per lbs of body size once every 12 hours.

However, you need to know that there are different qualities of these oils; there are 300mg, 500mg, 1000 mg, and 2000mg, and the numbers between. This indicates the quantity of CBD inside the oil.

This means that the higher the milligram, the stronger the oil; therefore, it affects the dosage. So, also try to take a look at the oil pack to be sure of the dosage to give. This page has more on the right cannabis dosage.

Benefits of CBD Oils for Canines

These oils are known to help your dog’s general well-being, making sure it lives a healthy life. Other things these oils help with are:

·        Pain

This oil is known to function in the same way as most drugs used for dealing with injuries characterized by redness, pain, and heat. So they are very potent in treating inflammations-related pain such as back pains.

·        Cancer

This is a condition characterized by abnormal growth or death of body tissues. In humans, CBD is said to help reduce these abnormal growths or death as well as vomiting and various symptoms that arise during cancer and its treatments. Researchers say that the effect of this product has also been seen in some animals like rats, and they believe it would have the same result on canines with cancer.

·        Arthritis

This is one of the major diseases canines are plagued with. Research has shown approximately 60% of pups show some signs of this condition, and about every one in four dogs suffers from this condition.

However, because these emollients work in the same way as anti-inflammatory medicines, they help relieve the pains of these dogs when given in the correct portion of 2mg for every 1kg dog weight two times a day.

·       Fear and Unease

This oil is said to help reduce fear and unease in dogs because it is believed that because it reduces pains, swelling, and heat, it would also reduce the discomfort and anxiety that comes with them. Nevertheless, it will not be as effective as drugs with psychoactive effects in taking care of these situations.

·        Seizures

These are sudden attacks indicated by violent movements of the muscles, loss of consciousness, loss of feelings leading to issues with the brain. It can be a result of various factors in dogs.

However, studies have shown that these emollients go a long way in lowering the frequency of this condition in dogs. It is compulsory to give the canine these oils alongside other drugs that help against this disease. This link https://pets.webmd.com/dogs/dog-seizure-disorders#1 has more on dealing with seizures in your pet.

It is crucial to know that not much research has been done on how this product perform these functions in dogs though studies are still ongoing.

Final Thoughts

Your dog deserves to live well and long, and anything that can help reach this goal should be taken seriously. On this note, CBD oils would be of great help in improving your dog’s health and reducing the effect of various diseases as long as it is given in the correct portion.

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