Gigafactory – Panasonic increases the capacity of Tesla’s traction batteries


Gigafactory is a term, which was comparable to all lithium-ion battery manufacturing plants in the world.

The name of the Ji processing plant can be divided into two. You know the factory, yes, let us face Giga. Giga is a unit of measurement demonstrating billions.

In this case, you can use the term wattage. Next, we will discuss the power of one gigawatt-equal to one million watts-and the energy storage of one gigawatt-hour.

But Giga also comes from the Greek gigas, which means giant. Therefore, it is not so much a film as it is a file. Billions. Maybe he just said that this is a vast factory.

We can also say that this is just a new term and a great marketing term that seems to have surpassed Tesla.

Suppose we want to go back to the exact point in history to know when we first used the word.

Our research indicates that we may have been using it for the first time during an investor conference call in November 2013.

In that conference, Elon Musk told investors that some would need a Giga factory type.

At the time, they were planning to build their first-gigabit factory.

Panasonic to increase the capacity of Tesla’s traction batteries Gigafactory

  • At a recent quarterly conference, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that a 500 km range for modern electric vehicles should become the norm.
  • Tesla’s models reach this level even when using alternative LFP batteries. Against this background, Panasonic representatives announced their readiness to increase the battery capacity by 20% in five years.
  • It is Panasonic that is Tesla’s oldest partner in producing 2170 battery cells.
  • They use these batteries in traction batteries for American-brand electric vehicles.
  • Tesla will talk about its success in improving storage technology for an electric charge at a special event in the second half of September.
  • And Panasonic representatives are not stopping to share secrets now.
  • Yasuaki Takamoto, head of the US battery company, admitted that Panasonic is ready to increase the capacity of 2170-type battery cells by 20% in five years.
  • They already provide a record-breaking electric charge storage density for the industry – more than 700 Wh per liter of volume.
  • Another critical challenge for Panasonic is to eliminate the use of cobalt in traction battery cathodes.
  • Now, they use no more than 5% cobalt in their production, and the Japanese company will eliminate this element in two or three years.
  • It will reduce the cost of batteries and address an important ethical issue by stopping fueling the slave labor industry in Congo.
  • Increasing the batteries’ capacity will make electric vehicles lighter.
  • It is significant for commercial vehicles, which are also converting to electric traction.

Panasonic claims that LFP batteries have half the storage density

  • Though, they do not directly refer to the products of the Chinese company CATL, which is used by Tesla in the production of electric vehicles at its Shanghai plant.
  • According to a Panasonic spokesman, the company will begin upgrading its production lines at its Nevada facility in September to introduce increased capacity battery cells.
  • Before making zero the cobalt content in the cathodes, the company has to conduct a series of experiments to ensure the batteries’ thermal regime’s adequate stability.

Tesla renews agreement with Panasonic on batteries

  • Tesla announced it had delivered 499,550 vehicles in 2020, far more than analysts estimated
  • A US company that produces electric cars has signed a new agreement with the Japanese group Panasonic to supply lithium-ion batteries at least 2022.

The 4680 batteries

  • However, it is unclear whether the agreement includes 4680 cells, an economically more affordable type of battery that will significantly reduce electric cars’ price.
  • Batteries are the most expensive component of these vehicles.
  • The company had stated that it wanted to produce the 4680 batteries itself in its models.
  • However, Nikkei Asia wrote that Panasonic would start producing prototypes of 4680 for the beginning of 2021.
  • Tesla would not be able to make sufficient batteries independently and therefore continue to rely on Panasonic.

Results for 2020

  • The strong performance came after the company announced over the weekend that it had delivered 499,550 vehicles in 2020.
  • It was just under half a million targets.
  • Achieve the result to increase demand for electric vehicles in China and the growth in production at the Shanghai plant.
  • Tesla has announced that it has started producing the Model Y SUV in Shanghai; the first deliveries should begin shortly.
  • Reduce the price of the vehicle by 30 percent to 339,900 yuan (about $ 52,600)

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