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Gigafactory – Panasonic Increases the Capacity of Tesla’s Traction Batteries



Gigafactory is a term, which was comparable to all lithium-ion battery manufacturing plants in the world.

The name of the Ji processing plant can be divided into two. You know the factory, yes, let us face Giga. Giga is a unit of measurement demonstrating billions.

In this case, you can use the term wattage. Next, we will discuss the power of one gigawatt-equal to one million watts-and the energy storage of one gigawatt-hour.


But Giga also comes from the Greek gigas, which means giant. Therefore, it is not so much a film as it is a file. Billions. Maybe he just said that this is a vast factory.

We can also say that this is just a new term and a great marketing term that seems to have surpassed Tesla.

Suppose we want to go back to the exact point in history to know when we first used the word.

Our research indicates that we may have been using it for the first time during an investor conference call in November 2013.

In that conference, Elon Musk told investors that some would need a Giga factory type.

At the time, they were planning to build their first-gigabit factory.

Panasonic to Increase the Capacity of Tesla’s Traction Batteries Gigafactory

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