How to Get Your Podcast on the Map

Get Your Podcast on the Map – With more than two million podcasts streaming today, it’s hard to get your show discovered. You’re going up against some heavyweights like The Daily and Stuff You Should Know, two shows that have thousands of episodes in their catalogues and millions of monthly listeners.

So how can you make an impression when listeners already have their favourites? Quality content that makes people want to listen isn’t enough today. You need to follow these steps to get noticed.

Invest in SEO Best Practices

Part of the podcast game is making sure search engines catalogue your podcast so that your name comes up when listeners run relevant searches on your topic. Doing this organically is almost impossible nowadays, as almost every business invests in an SEO campaign.

Short for Search Engine Optimization, an SEO campaign boosts your online visibility by strengthening the links between your podcast and relevant keywords. It involves optimizing your website and publishing content so that Google ranks you higher on their results pages. Check out these best practices to find out more.

Transcribe Your Audio

An easy way to create fresh SEO-friendly content for your website on a regular basis is through transcription. Transcription services produce a written record of your episodes that you can fill with back- and interlinks to support your SEO campaign.

Transcribing your episodes is also an incredible way to make an impression with your deaf or Hard Hearing fans. This text removes many of the barriers preventing them from interacting with popular podcasts. Plus, anyone who retains information easier by reading can supplement their listening with your transcription.

Although you can transcribe episodes on your own, this task will take up a significant amount of time. As your popularity grows, it’s a good idea to compare the best transcription services to help you get this text ready. Partnering with the right transcription service will guarantee your episodes read flawlessly on your site.

List on Several Streaming Sites

It’s hard to be visible if you aren’t available on the most popular streaming sites used today. To increase your potential listenership, make sure you cross-post on the following platforms:

  • Apple
  • Audible
  • Google Podcasts
  • Stitcher
  • Spotify
  • TuneIn Radio

Upgrade Recording Tech

Fuzzy, quiet audio full of static and other distracting noises will turn away listeners in droves.  Strangers simply don’t have the patience to sit through bad audio, so consider upgrading your equipment with better mics, recording platforms, and filters to generate the best sounding audio possible.

Network with the Community

It’s not what you know but who you know. This popular adage applies even in the podcast community. Rubbing digital shoulders with your fellow indie podcasters is a great learning opportunity. Through networking, you can learn valuable advice and gain interesting insights into the podcasting world.

It’s also an opportunity to grow your audience. You can leverage these connections to get your name out there. You may wind up interviewing or collaborating with other podcasters with a similar or complementary niche, giving both shows a chance to tap into each other’s followers.

Bottom Line

Breaking out on the podcast scene isn’t the result of just one thing you can put on your to-do list and tick off indefinitely. As you can tell by this guide, your success relies on adopting several habits in the long term. It won’t be easy, but you’ll make more of a splash when you take an organized approach to your streaming.


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