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Gameplays with your Mobile so you can Record and Upload them

On many occasions, our hobbies make us think about sharing. In this case, we refer to video games that, once uploaded to a platform like YouTube, become gameplays. Unfortunately, not everyone has a computer capable of moving influential games, much less capturing them with good results. For all of them, we offer you the alternative for mobile phones.

Nowadays, we all have a mobile with the capacity to watch some games. They can be basic games or the most demanding games in the world. Depending on our mobile, we can use one or the other, and in all smartphones, we have a way available for us to record it. In case we want to do this, we will explain all the steps of a fun and entertaining process.

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Record and upload gameplays with your mobile

The first of all will be to find a game that we like and master.Apart from Watching This Movie you Can Also Watch This Movie dear comrade
To ensure that the video is successful once published, it will be convenient that we enjoy it and that way, the people who see it will also do it. The result must be fun, entertaining, or at least we win the game.

If you prefer to do tests before launching, choose the first game you have on your mobile. Once you master the times, you will have the opportunity to play a dream game, later publish it and share it.

Learn how to record your mobile screen

After having the game located, we need a method to record the screen of our smartphone. We are not referring to a camera but instead to applications or settings that offer us the possibility of sharing exactly what we see on our mobile.

We can do this in different ways depending on the operating system of our mobile or the personalization layer in Android, and to explain quickly, we will give you a descriptive explanation.

  • iPhone: Slide the control centre, and you will find the option to record the screen and the audio.
  • Android 11: In the latest version of the quick access bar system, we can also record the screen.
  • Samsung: Ditch with an option directly on the taskbar.
  • Xiaomi: In the tools folder, there is the option to record the screen.
  • Huawei: Among its tools added to EMUI, we also have the option to record.

On the contrary, in the rest of mobiles, we will have to download an application that offers us this possibility. Among all those that exist, we will recommend you to use AZ Screen, an app with a long journey, that just by installing it and granting it the permissions allows us to record both the image and the sound that we want.

In the screen recorder options, we can choose if we only want to record our voice to comment on the game, choose to record only the game that we are showing or, better yet, comment on it and thus mix the two techniques.

Now we have to spend some time getting a good game recorded, commenting on it with enthusiasm and thus entertaining the public later when we publish it.

Post the video on YouTube

Now that we have the gameplay on our mobile, it is time to publish it because everyone can know it. It is a simple task, but before doing it, we recommend that you connect to a WiFi network, if possible, with fibre optics with maximum speed

Once connected, we only have to enter the YouTube application of our mobile and access it with our account or create a new one according to the content we will publish. At the top, we have access to the button to upload new videos or create unique content. When we touch it, the video option will appear and then a new tab.

To finish, we have to write a title that explains what the gameplay is about briefly and attractively. Then we will describe what happens in the video more extensively and add hashtags. In privacy, we select public, and the location is not necessary.

We click on the upload button at the top and depending on the length of the video. And the connection we have. It will take more or less time to receive a notification confirming that it has already remained published.

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