Digital chocolate – Digital Chocolate sold its Barcelona studio to Ubisoft

Digital chocolate

Digital Chocolate focuses on delivering high-quality social games with virtual goods on growing platforms using its proprietary technology platform.

They quickly became the leader in cross-platform social gaming.

The company has released over 100 different award-winning games and works with 200 major internet and mobile partners in 80 countries.

Best known for Millionaire City, Zombie Lane, Army Attack, and Rollercoaster Rush, Digital Chocolate topped all software companies’ App Store downloads in 2009.

And also, it was one of Facebook’s fastest-growing social game publishers in 2010. With virtual goods.

It was created in 2003 by Trip Hawkins and had offices in San Mateo, Helsinki, Barcelona, Bangalore, and Mexico.

Digital Chocolate sold its Barcelona studio to Ubisoft

  • In 2007, Digital Chocolate acquired the Barcelona studio Microjocs, which was developing video games.
  • In 2013, Digital Chocolate Barcelona was acquired by Ubisoft to become Ubisoft Barcelona Mobile.
  • Digital Chocolate, a games company, long-haunted by EA founder Trip Hawkins, has sold its 46-person studio in Barcelona to French Ubisoft.
  • And also, the sale will take place a few months after the closure of the company’s offices in Helsinki.
  • Ubisoft has confirmed the acquisition, and it has yet to respond to requests for comment.
  • Moreover, Ubisoft collects all Digital Chocolate Spain technologies and brands but does not acquire any other studios.
  • Downsized the company for more than a year with layoffs, and Hawkins stepped down in 2012 to form a new educational games company.
  • It is yet another challenging chapter for the 10-year-old company, which has raised at least $ 55 million to date in four separate rounds of adventure.
  • Ironically, It has struggled to find its place on emerging gaming platforms like Facebook and iOS.
  • The company has also nurtured some of the best talents in the business.
  • Former Digital Chocolate Helsinki CEO Ilkka Paananen, for example, co-founded and ran one of the most profitable iOS gaming companies in the world, Supercell.

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Closed it offices

  • Other digital aluminum oxides have spread across the industry to leadership positions at Flurry or Angry Birds manufacturer Rovio.
  • From what I understand, the company found it difficult to compare and balance new gaming platforms.
  • According to App Annie, Digital Chocolate is not in the top 500 highest-grossing charts in the United States.
  • According to AppData, it only has two games in the top 500 games on the Facebook platform by monthly active users.
  • However, due to its geographically dispersed nature, it was difficult for him to coordinate the title between studios.
  • They were present around the world in places like Mexicali, Helsinki, Barcelona, and St Petersburg.
    So, they closed some of these offices last year.
  • Many gaming companies in the industry are also distributed.
  • But the individual offices have not received enough creative licenses to develop and create games themselves.

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