Amazon Go’s Unattended Technology in US Airport Supermarkets

Amazon Go’s Unattended Technology

HOSTELVENDING.COM 03/13/2020.- Amazon revolutionized the niche of unattended supermarkets with its proposal for fully automated stores. After the success of Amazon Go, the North American giant has started a new strategy and is sharing its technology with other companies. The first to benefit from this new policy is the North American company OTG, which operates supermarkets at different airports in the United States.

The opening of this first store will take place next week, and it remains expected that the model can reach other establishments of the company in the coming weeks. The agreement allows OTG to use ‘Just Walk Out’ technology that helps purchased products automatically charged to the customer’s account when they leave the store without any further interaction and only by using the credit card. Credit. Details of how the technology works have not been made public.

The system will remain installed in Cibo Express supermarkets, this seller’s brand of Gourmet products, present in different airfields in the North American country. The first to have it will be one of the establishments at the Newark airport in New York, and later it will also remain included in other stores both in the same airport and in La Guardia.

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Payment Using Credit Crd

As explained by the company, travellers can enter the store directly using their credit card and then leave with the products they want to purchase, “with maximum comfort and speed.” A technology with which they hope to revolutionize the travel terminal shopping sector. This step is essential considering that OTG operates more than a hundred stores of this type in different locations.

“OTG has always embraced technology as a means of optimizing the airport experience to give our customers time. Using the best technology in the world in our markets, Cibo Express is a way to give customers total control over their time,” says Rick Blatstein, CEO of the company.

“We’ve seen that users appreciate no-check-out in-store experiences, so we’re delighted to be working with an innovative company like OTG to bring our Just Walk Out technology to airport stores,” said Dilip Kumar, Vice President of Amazon Retail. “Starting next week, passengers will no longer have to think about whether they have time to queue before buying a product,” explained Kumar, highlighting one of the main advantages of this type of technology.

Offer for Establishments

Amazon explains that its technology works through image sensors and artificial intelligence to track users in stores and correctly assign expenses to each customer. “Many stores had expressed interest in our technology. We are delighted to be able to offer it to other businesses”, they explain.

All products remain added to a virtual cart that will remain associated with each consumer. The offer includes using all the necessary technology to start the business and advice so that it works correctly then adapts its installation to the needs of each store.

Relationship with Vending

From the vending sector, this new trend remains seen with ambivalence. From Orain, one of the leaders in technological solutions for automatic sales, the value that “it can be good because the sale of products in an unattended way will become widespread. Which can cause a change in the current rejection of some profiles and consumer sectors”. Explains the company’s CMO, Izan Force.

The key now, Forca highlights, will be to see the adaptation of this system to each type of store. “Now it remains to be seen how this new payment system will remain integrated into each different supermarket chain, and how they will try to personalize this technology to offer a different and unique shopping experience,” they explain.

This change will also mean new business opportunities. “In the same way, this change in purchasing operations will give rise to new complementary sales services, which can offer new business opportunities for the companies involved,” he concludes.

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