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12.4 28 Tractor Tire: Brands, Features, Descriptions [2023]

12.4 28 Tractor Tire: Brands, Features, Descriptions [2023]

12.4 28 Tractor Tire – It has superior performance, and its characteristics combine handling, cornering, and braking. It delivers the best performance on the roads with a design to minimize uneven wear. And also, it combines a high level of steering response and has reliable performance. Moreover, there is an extensive range of 12.4 28 Tractor Tire available in varied forms at nominal costs.

Basically, the 12.4 28 farm tractor tire is a heavy-duty drive tire with dual angled tread lugs. The dual angled tread lugs of the farm tractor tire provide high traction and long tread life in both field and road applications. Additionally, the 12.4 28 farm tractor tire features a robust casing for extra stability and safety for the operator. However, the farm tractor tire is well suited for industrial and construction tire applications. For 12.4 28 farm tractor tires, call or order from our online tire store today!

Uses Of 12.4 28 Tractor Tire

Agricultural tools play an essential role in the life of a farmer. Gone are the days when farmers put their blood and sweat in the soil to produce and harvest grain. Currently, innovations and new technologies have made life easier for farmers.

Basically, a tractor is an essential agricultural vehicle that helps a farmer cultivate. In addition, the tires are considered the best comrades of the tractor. All in all, 12.4 28 Tractor Tires provide safety in the fields. However, heavy machinery is used in modern agriculture, and a good quality tire is needed to support their weight.

12.4 28 Tractor Tire

Best Tractor Tire Brands in Indian Market

There are many brands of tractor tires on the market. Let us know about them;

Firstly, Apollo tires

Secondly, BKT tires

MRF tires

CEAT tires

Birla tires

Lastly, JK tires

Features  Of 12.4 28 Tractor Tire

12.4 28 Tractor Tires are heavy tractor tires for hard floors.

It offers improved mileage and increased retreadability

12.4 28 Tractor Tire helps in high non-slip depth and sturdy construction

It has even tread wear and extended tire life and has connecting rod in the middle

It prevents thatch penetration and increases puncture resistance, and also has high lug angle and lug support at the base

Tractor Tire has a 45-degree design, suitable for field and road applications.

It provides excellent traction during field operations.

Its revised tread pattern in a new look has been developed for better self-cleaning.

Tractor Tire is a particularly resistant rubber compound that prevents the enlargement of minor punctures.

Tractor Tire comes with a size 12.4 X 28, and it is a Tractor tire.

It provides smooth performance on the field.

12.4 X 28 offers perfect grip with the ground.

It was manufactured with puncher resistance technology.

Along with this, it has a 24-inch diameter and 185 MM widths.

Its price is convenient for the farmers.

Product Specification- Product Description

Tyre Size 12.4 28
Ply Rating 12 PR
Material Nylon
Item Weight 4 kg 500 g
Rim Diameter 28 Inch

Tractor Tyre Agricultural Tyre Patterns

1. Cut resistance tread compound provides excellent cut & chip resistance under severe terrain conditions, especially on muddy roads.

2. Wear puncture-resistant and anti-ageing compounds to supply super long servicing life.

3. Multi tread pattern design, supply well appearance and driving.

R1 Pattern:

Complete specifications of R1 pattern tires, superior grip and self-cleaning capacity, good ageing and wearing resistance enhanced by unique formula design, suitable for farms, logging areas, and fields

R2 Pattern:

1. Two wide groove design, easy to tread water and sewage drainage.

2. The overall pattern design increases the contact area, reducing the frictional resistance.
3. Tread great design depth, enhanced braking performance tire.
4. No pattern design, not easy inclusion of sediment.

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